Reaver Hunt

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Reaver Hunt

Postby Ford Benett » Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:12 pm

"Hey, do you really think it'll work out? That whole plan with the Ford guy?" A voice would echo out from a slightly damaged speaker, seeming to echo out from the arm of the... thing, currently ripping apart a pantheon. One huge, bulky arm. Looking like it should belong on a reploid three or four times the size of the average human sitting off to the side, while his other hand idly fishes for parts. Blonde hair draped over his red eyes, signature for a reaver. No words really escaping from him. At least nothing that can be heard audibly. Although he seems to find exactly what he wants, pulling it out from the skull of the pantheon and standing.
The area he was in was a room about the size of a master bedroom. Perhaps a break room for those who originally were the workers here. He knew this would give away his position, but honestly using the global radio through a blackout field already does this. So there really isn't a point of fearing it anymore. Sitting himself up onto a dusty old chair, he went to work setting up a special type of radio. Primitive, but as far as he can tell, humans have also abandoned using this spectrum due to how little bandwidth it has. AM radio.
"Oy! That'll give away our... Well yes, I know that us chatting has alrea... But. Well, I suppose. What are you going to send anyway? Wait, more morse code? Ugh. You're the worst. I know what you're doing because you just share the file but it's not the same as talking! So boring. Can't wait until we're outta here, it'll be a lot more interesting than you." The reaver would roll his eyes, then begin broadcasting the signal. Coordinates. As well as his own little flare with the morse: 'Unless you think this is a trap, then we'll just go to sleep for another couple thousand years.'

Amusingly, not too far from Lenn's position, a figure slowly approached the dead city from the sands beyond it's border, looking up as the sun slowly started to sink itself towards the horizon. Definitely not there yet, but it was on the way. Had to be sometime in the later afternoon, by his guess. He wouldn't know, his stupid watch stopped working ages ago and he couldn't be arsed to fix it. Slung under his arm was a napsack, a large tan tower shield adorning his back, likely stolen from one of the pantheon he'd wrecked earlier. Like Drake said, it could come in handy...

Speaking of Drake, the little green dragon's head emblem floated alongside his humanoid partner as they headed for the old city. Drake seemed impressed while Ford merely looked it over before heading on it. "How the hell does something like this get lost?" he asked. Ford grunted back. "Dr. Ciel mentioned this place, said it was a good salvage spot and hiding place. If he's not in the ruins, this is the best gamble we have at the moment." Drake nodded, floating after Ford before commenting. "You know... how are we gonna know he's trying to reach us before we find him? You don't think he'd actually pinpoint himself on the map. I imagine Neo Arcadia's got ears on all the recent global channels, they'd have golems after us in a hearbeat."

"We can handle those. It's that pink anger management problem I'm worried about. He comes looking for us, I doubt we can fend him off..." Ford idly pulled out his radio, cautious instinct pressing him to be certain his new acquaintance wasn't about to blow things up around them, when he noticed a faint local signal pop up at the bottom of the radio's list screen. It was practically ancient by modern transmission standards... somehow fitting, actually. Ford tuned into it to hear the morse code being tapped up, before looking up at Drake knowingly. "I'll start translating it then... gimme a second..." After listening to the broadcast cycle once, Drake paused, processing through the data before looking at a nearby building. "You're good at this whole location guessing thing. You ever consider being a detective?" he asked. Ford frowned, before putting the radio away and walking along the torn up cracked road to the building ahead. "More times than I care to recall..."

"Seriously, we can't boost it? Man, even carbons we looked after had better tech than this a lot of the time before we initiated eden on them." Lenn seemed to just continue the same message over and over repeatedly, using his larger arm to rest his head on it. "It's odd, they use energen though to power their robots. I suppose it's more robust than refractors with such primitive tech. If they tried to use one of our refractors they'd probably burn it out in an instant." This voice would continue to babble on alone in the darkness, occasionally stopping to think to himself.
"... Well, either way. I'd say that we should be careful and sure that this isn't a trap but we don't have that luxury. So we'll just hope. You haven't experienced that though, huh? You know trust, but not much else. That little bit of glee and excitement from a dangerous situation. Guess you will have to learn the hard way." The voice continues, mumbling a few other things. Not even sure if Lenn was paying attention.

Ford stopped at the front of the building, standing in the middle of the road with Drake floating slightly behind him, both looking up at it, Ford grimacing a bit. Looking around, he didn't see anyone around before turning back to the building and holding a hand up to his mouth. "Hey! Anybody around?!" he called up, feeling a bit stupid as his voice echoed off the old nearby buildings. What if he wasn't in there, or even around. He'd just end up looking stupid... though hopefully to nobody but Drake.

"Hellooooooooooo!" he called again. Drake shook his head. "If he's around, he probably can't hear us. The coordinates were pretty close, but I can't tell you where exactly hhe is in this city. My GPS isn't THAT spectacular..."

"Did you hear that?" Lenn would slowly stand up... Swallowing. Something he emulated originally to calm the carbons he had to potentially deal with. But this time... Something new came along with it. He was afraid. "Hey. Look. Come on, you gotta make some sound. My speaker can only go so far, but you... Huh? You're gonna use that? I thought it was broken? Oh... Just incomplete now, huh? You don't know how to finish it? I don't think that'll work Lenn." Very slowly, Lenn would pull open a compartment from his arm and take out a wooden box. Long ago, a carbon he met. The one that his superiors believed caused him to become unstable, had given him something. It was a broken music box, very simple metal rods and gears striking together to create music. Incomplete. So he started to add to it himself. Now was as good as time as ever to use it, it seems.
Slowly cranking the key on a box, a gentle tune would echo through the hallways. Slowly growing louder and more digital over time. Like a lullaby, which unfortunately stops as soon as it becomes more digital the longer it plays. Incomplete. It's then re-cranked again and re-played. Hoping the music would be able to guide Ford along. (( ))

Ford stood silently outside the building a moment before sighing a little. Wrong building. Turning to the right, he began his hike to the next building to start the whole process over again, before Drake called to him. "Hold it, hold it! Hear that!?" he asked, turning slightly as if listening a little better to... something. Ford stopped, turning back to the building and raising an eyebrow. "Uh... no." he stated, eyeing the entrance carefully. "Seriously, you need to stop thinking so much like a human! You're half machine now, like it or not! Your senses are on par with a reploid! Focus a little!"

Ford sighed, before closing his eyes, listening for a bit. Suddenly, some notes struck his ears, the cybernetics enhanced even moreso thann usual from his concentration. "--you're right! I hear it!" he exclaimed, before dashing to the building entrance, Drake hovering quickly after him. Jogging through the halls and peering into old rooms, Ford thanked his enhanced eyesight as he tread deeper into the darker hallways. "Hey! Lenn? (It's Lenn, right?) Lenn! Look, I know you can't talk, but you gotta help me a bit here! Are you in here?! How about your little friend? He likes to talk, right? Come on, one of you has to lend me a little bit more guidance!" he called, getting much closer to the reaver's hiding spot

"... Lenn, come on. I know you don't know much about what happened and you're not even sure what all the emotions and such are yet. You're anxious and nervous, and that's perfectly normal for this situation. I don't know why you'd start feeling it now considering all we've gone through already, but, come on. Leave the room... We've spent enough time stuck underground and could use the fresh air."
Slowly, the Reaver would sigh and push himself up. Clutching close the small music box he carries around, playing it continuously. He isn't about to speak up or anything, but, a loud screeching sound would be heard as a bulkhead door would open, revealing the room he had been hiding out in. The reaver stepping out and cautiously and looking around... "HEY, Ford! You out here?"

Ford paused, ears twitching as his senses adjusted to the darker area. "Lenn? That you?" he called out. "I'm over here... where ever here is. I'm in the building. You two sound really close, keep talking! I'll find--" Ford stumbled over some rubble as he rounded a corner and came face to face with the reaver not more than a few feet away. "--you." he finished, blinking a bit and looking over the reaver. "Well, that wasn't as difficult as I expected..."

Lenn would blink... Brushing his hair away from his face. Unsure of what to do, he simply remains almost completely still. The scanners that are undamaged from his age though would however remain active, making sure he wasn't lured in some sort of trap. His larger arm also held back, ready to bolt if required. "Ah! Finally! People! Man you have no idea how creepy it is down here, well, I guess you do since you're down here and all. Just drones and mechanaloids and half-functioning computers. So hey, how are you? What's it like on the outside? Man, I can't wait to see the sky, you guys haven't messed up the world too much now have yo-MMF."
Lenn would cover the speaker on his arm, then tap on the metal in morse along it: 'What do I call you?'

Ford tilted his head a bit, before looking at Drake, who floated a little behind Ford's head to the side, also twisting himself mid-air as he eyed the reaver. "He wants to know what to call us." the biometal said, translating the morse code for Ford. The humanoid turned back, nodding. "Ford. And that's Drake." he introduced, thumbing to the ornate belt buckle that was his partner.
"This place probably isn't the most conducive for a heart-to-heart, you hear? Let's head back out and get out of here..." the mechanic said, motioning for Lenn to follow behind and heading back to the entrance of the building. "I have questions for you, but I'll try to answer a few of yours first." he said, his sights often darting over his shoulder to eye the reaver.
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