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Looking For... <Character>

Postby Espio » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:01 pm

I figured I'd give us one more topic to fill things up. This one is similar in style to the Looking For posts on the IC forum but aimed at characters. So anyone "looking for" some shoes to be filled ICly can advertise here. This could be wanting to make a paired alt, being in a badnik mood without the right kind of goodniks around to tangle with, maybe you really want to date Edna the Coffee Lady and NPCing her just isn't working out anymore... for all of that, there's this topic.

Since this is inherently a place for those wanting app ideas and those with a surplus collide, this board can also be used for tossing up openings that you're not necessarily vested in but have, like character concepts you never used or neat concepts you haven't had time to explore yourself or think could be done better by someone else.
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Looking For... Trusted Lieutenant, Janus

Postby QuantumHyena » Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:42 am

UPDATE: Janus is now dead so this position, while it still exists, will no longer involve him.

Since I just realized that (a) this has been driving me in circles ICly and (b) we actually have a board for this, I figured I'd lay out my current demand for the mush wide supply to consider meeting. Although I will say this is a bit of a specific one and treading on possibly restricted ground.

I have a network. This network is full of reploid criminals. Officially we're maverick, unofficially we're just lead by, allied to, and integrated into them. There's some divergence of goals here and there, but overall everyone's in it either to kill humans, help (and "help") unfortunate reploids, or get paid for doing the former, although the pay isn't particularly great unless you like tools of the trade. Although the whole assortment is NPCed, I've got a hole at the top of the chain where a third of my organization is leaderless; the other two thirds have head honchos who then report to me. Applicants for the position must:

  • Be female. While my organization is equal-opportunity, this position in particular has definite gender-bias.
  • Be a reploid. I am personally biased reploid on this and don't believe an RM can handle the demands of this post. Humans are obviously right out (maverick) and humanoids would be a very tough sell.
  • Have a backbone. Some sarcasm is appreciated but optional.
  • Have a mature, adult personality. Should be a given, but juveniles in any sense need not apply. Not talking aged and weathered, just a decent independent streak.
  • Have at least some empathetic concern for mistreated reploids. Straight-up human-killing obsession will get you a comfortable seat in a lower rank doing just that, but is fine in moderation.
  • Be otherwise unspoken for by higher powers or people whom you are deeply loyal to.
  • Similarly have no larger apparent agendas. My network isn't anybody's stepping stone if I have a say in it.
  • Get on my good side. Again, obvious, but I'm the one hiring and I'm also particular about this role.
  • Be willing to participate in my inner circle. As one of three second-in-commands (and the only female one), we will be spending time together both on and off business.

Qualities which may be helpful to an applicant but are not strictly necessary:

  • A design intended for human companionship. It's a demographic under-represented in the upper ranks and a faster way to my good side.
  • A history of abuse by humans in some way or form, especially related to the former two.
  • Testing clean for the maverick virus. I've got it, it has downsides, I don't plan to share.
  • Looking good in a french maid outfit. (Kidding, but seriously Gaudile. What the Enker?)

Other elements to consider:

  • The post in question coordinates with my two other seconds to run my entire global network. This specific post also puts you in direct command of the branch which connects regional cells with logistic support including transportation, resource allocation, creating and managing false identities, combat upgrades, and new recruit training. This puts you in a highly competitive position to take over as my eventual successor if you play your cards right.
  • While most of my subordinates are recruited at the ground floor and work their way up through the ranks, an early and promising encounter with me can expedite this.
  • As my organization is built on evading the law rather than confronting it, nobody working for me uses the name they were built with. Don't expect to keep your factory identity (even your appearance may change), but at the same time don't stress about them if you want to jump right in.
  • Since I have ICly been trying to fill this post for months, I am approaching the point of taking drastic measures. You may (optionally) have been secretly sold to a disreputable party by a middleman rather than directly from a manufacturer. You may or may not be able to follow the breadcrumbs back to me. Note: this case would lock you in to most of the optional points in the second list.

To anyone with an interest in filling this slot, a forum IM or contacting me on the mush are good ways of getting in contact.

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Re: Looking For... <Character>

Postby Ford Benett » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:02 pm

What are you talking about? I've always been a request for NA characters!

So, someone mentioned that Drake might have knowledge of things that were specifically built for me and him to upgrade us and possibly fight this new, foxy danger. In any case, it coincides nicely with my original plans and probably makes a boatload more sense than charging headlong into Giga City for tech that more or may not work, as opposed to a plan that honestly makes a crapton more sense. So! Lenn and I are still on pause, but my location remains unchanged. I'll be roaming the desert, practicing my new body and getting used to the fact I promised myself I'd never be coming back to this litter box.

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Re: Looking For... Replacement Janus

Postby QuantumHyena » Wed Jul 11, 2012 12:36 pm

Addendum to Janus' subordinate openings, this is a big one:

From the same network as above, it would be good to have one or both of the two head honchos who report(ed) to Janus directly. Either 2IC works and there's flexibility on their details. Benefits of the position:

  1. Personally command one of Janus' three divisions, either the recruiting, robot supremacist arm or the maverick, human-killing one.
  2. With Janus now officially missing and evidence of his death, there's a natural opening to take over the entire organization and seize it for Maverick (or personal) use. Most of Janus' organization is independent of Dopplertown and the chain of command he left in place allows cells to operate independently so with charisma or otherwise gained loyalty there is flexibility to the organization's uses.
  3. Instant potential for medium scale villainy. Enough resources to be a persistent thorn in a faction's side if you're careful or a real threat to another organization (especially give [2]). Individuals of course can be made to have a bad day more often than not. Let the evil commence!
  4. Me being me, I've got relatively extensive notes on the structure of Janus' organization so anyone interested in preserving his CoC wouldn't be flying blind with their NPC subordinates.

Of the two 2ICs in Janus' organization, both are named but only one is fleshed out in any way. Following his own name scheme, Janus' 2ICs are named Limentinus and Forculus and he has a tendency of applying similar names to new subordinates as replacements for their given names (i.e. Lilac and Iron Sight are named for flowers and weapon parts respectively). Consider this a template as he was never introduced ICly so none of this is set in stone:

Name: Limentinus
Original Function: Military reploid, Commander
Origin: Korean (I think)

Details so far: Strict, militant, power hungry, well armed and armored (armaments undecided), physically imposing.
Commander of: Heaven Division; recruits reploids, commands military models, sets policies for combat reploids and related logistics (armory stockpiles, repairs, ect.)
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