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At the request of Espio, and for the benefit of the game, I'm posting the story of Megaman Gigamix #3. I only got to scan part of #2 thanks to my scanner dying on me, but I recall posting the summary of the end. I never did get to post #3 - so here goes.

Once upon a time....

(Two figures are clashing in the darkness of space; one, the White Giant - Duo; the other, a black and purple skull-like variant of his design. As the two battle near a planet, the resulting nearby energies cause massive explosions, leaving a ring of asteroid debris behind. Some of the debris impact the two, causing minor cuts and breakage to their form; sparkling, portions of the damaged robots flake off, revealed in the next panel to be energy crystals, which sail on through space.

Some time later, on a distant world, an ape like creature grasps the crystal in his hand, looking up at the sky with others, as more crystals rain down on them from above...)

Present Day, 20XX:

Terra and the Stardroids are facing off against Mega Man, Light, Wily, Roll and other surviving Robot Masters.

Terra: Run, hide and despair! This planet will be obliterated by Dark Moon in 24 hours!! Of course, the entire planet is going to be destroyed, so it will not matter where you run to! HAHAHAHAHA!!
Mega Man: Why are you doing this?! Why are you threatening earth?!
Terra: We were created to destroy everything in the universe. That... is... all! We are the harbingers of the end! We are the stardroids!

With that, the stardroids launch a combined attack directly at Rock. Cut Man, behind him, shouts out his name, fearing the worst. There is a tremendous explosion, with Rock's shattered helmet thrown clear in a bright light.
Cut Man: ROCK!!!
Somewhere beyond the battlefield, Blues is lying in a pile of rubble, barely conscious.

The scene turns to Venus, who is hanging in mid-air, impaled on Duo's fist.
Venus: Who are you ... ?! This ... can't.... be....!
Venus explodes in a shower of parts, screaming. Jupiter, looking on, calls out to his fallen comrade in disbelief. Meanwhile, on a motorbike just beyond a crest of fallen rubble, Kalinka Cossack is watching impassively. Duo stands unaffected and unconcerned as Jupiter grows enraged.
Jupiter: Venus.... I'll make you regret that!!!
Jupiter opens fire on Duo with a lightning strike. Duo raises his open hand and blocks the lightningbolt with seemingly no ill effects. Jupiter recoils in shock.
Jupiter: HUH?!
Fire Man, Bomb Man and Wily are watching in disbelief from a distance.
Fire Man: He stopped one of the Stardroids' attacks... with one hand...?!
Jupiter: My electric shock... he... WHO ARE YOU?!
Wily *thinking* That power...
Jupiter roars at Duo: "ANSWER ME!!"

Duo, standing firm, answers impassively. "My name... is Duo. Stardroids... I am obligated to destroy you." Duo raises his hand and fires an energy beam towards Jupiter, catching him offguard. There is an explosion and smoke where Jupiter last was. Guts man, Roll, Light, Shadow Man, Auto and Wily watch in utter amazement. Duo continues to stand, staring at the flames and smoke.

Bomb Man: Who is that guy...? Is he an ally or an enemy?
Light and Roll look at each other and Guts man with hopeful smiles. Wily looks grim, silent, as Shadow Man wonders, worriedly, what is bothering his creator.

Ice Man: So... did he defeat that one?
Fire Man, looking up: No, he didn't!! Look up...!!

Jupiter shoots up out of the smoke and into the sky; Ice Man and Bomb Man, shocked and dismayed, look up.
Bomb Man: He's --!
Ice Man: --Escaping!!
Jupiter, looking back, a drop of sweat on the side of his face: His power is... how can this be?!

In an instant Duo is behind Jupiter in midair, drawing his enormous left hand back to take a swing at the retreating Stardroid. Jupiter begins to panic and shoots another lightning bolt at Duo. "Stay-- stay away from me!!!" Duo blocks the lighting with his hand a second time, stating flatly, "Resistance is futile." Jupiter, grinning behind his mask: "Is that so...?" Duo narrows his eyes and keeps his focus on Jupiter. Another lightning bolt is thrown towards Duo's side; he dodges it narrowly.

Jupiter: I know you foolish robots on this planet carry this weird sense of obligation towards each other! Heh heh heh heh heh....!" He flies higher into the sky. Duo pursues, his eyes glowing blankly as he swings his fist towards Jupiter.
Duo: I don't care.

Suddenly, Kalinka calls out. "Duo!"

Duo stops in mid attack, inches from Jupiter - and immediately flies back down to Kalinka, leaving a very confused Jupiter still hovering above the wrecked city block. Jupiter wastes no time, however, unleashing multiple lightning bolts down towards the others.

The lightning headed towards the cluster of survivors is once more blocked by Duo's outstretched hand.

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The scene returns to Rock, as the stardroids fire simultaneously on him. "You're finished!"

Rock's impending doom is stopped as several figures blur forward and open fire on the Stardroids; the Stardroids suffer real damage, with Uranus recoiling back, Saturn defending with his hoop/shield and Mercury having blobs of liquid body blown out of him. Rock, moderately damaged, falls over, helmet missing. "ugh!"

Standing behind him are seven familiar robots, their eyes blank, their expressions hateful and their bodies radiating a strange aura.

Saturn: Who are these guys supposed to be?!

Rock, helped up by Elec Man: It's the Cossack Numbers!
Cut Man, smiling: Hey guys! You've got some seriously good timing!

Ring Man only growls at Cut Man and trembles, causing Cut Man to take a step back. "?!" Ring Man suddenly roars at Cut Man, Elec Man, Rush and Rock, and opens fire on them as well! The stardroids - Uranus, Saturn and Mercury - are equally puzzled.

The seven Cossack numbers continue to blindly fire at any moving target indescriminately. Rock, trying to dodge the destruction, calls out to them. "Ring Man - Everyone - What's gotten into you?!"

High above in Earth Orbit, Terra takes notice. "... What is this energy?"

Saturn, to Mercury: "There's something wrong with these guys.... let's get out of here!" Uranus, however, will have none of it. Roaring like an enraged bull, he charges towards the group. "WE ARE -- STAR DROIDS!!!" Mercury shouts back to him: "Uranus, wait--!"

The Cossack numbers open fire all at once, and in a blinding flash of light and explosion, Uranus is blown to pieces.

Mercury: "URANUS!!!"

Rock tries to shield himself from the blast, shocked at the savagery of his colleagues, as Mercury and Saturn beat a hasty retreat: "Let's go!!" Elec Man nervously thinks to himself, "The stardroids... ran away?!"

Cut Man hides behind a chunk of concrete as Dust Man continues to shoot blindly at him. "HEY! Enough already!! Can't you see they're gone?!" Ring Man and Dive Man fire on him next. "--What the-- they're out of control!!"

Cut Man throws a rolling cutter. "Elec Man - it looks like we don't have much of a choice!" Elec Man nods grimly and charges up a thunder beam. "Fine...!"

Rock steps in the middle of their shots, getting hit. Elec and Cut are stunned and horrified.

Cut Man: "ROCK! You IDIOT! What do you think you're doing?!"

Rock, getting to his feet and gritting his teeth: "We can't... they're our friends...!" Cut Man continues, "Yeah't hey're really make me feel all warm and fuzzy right now... I don't like this any more than you do, but there's clearly something wrong with them!!!" Rock pleads with Cut Man, "I can see that but they're STILL our friends!"

Cut Man and Elec Man seem to lose the will to fight. "... Rock..."

Suddenly Cut Man and Dive Man stop mid assault. The rest of the Cossack numbers follow suit, trembling, as they reach for their chests. Rock and Cut Man look on, confused. Cut Man: "... What's going on?" Rock: "I don't know... they're....?"

Opening up panels, they expel prismatic crystals with a gush of steam, and collapse, inert.

Cut Man: "What in the name of robotics?!"

Rock begins to reach for a crystal. "This crystal... it looks like..."

"I wouldn't touch that if I were you, Rock,'" Dr. Cossack says from a short distance away. "You might lose your senses, like Ring Man and the others."

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Some time later, the Cossack Helitrailer touches down near the survivors outside of the city. Roll and Ice Man are so overjoyed to see Rock and Elec getting out of the trailer alive they are tearing up. Rock hugs Ice Man like a little brother. "I'm so glad you're all okay!"

Roll, smiling but speaking in quieter tones, replies, "Well... it was all thanks to them." She looks over to Kalinka and the silent, towering figure of Duo.

Rock's expression falls, remaining cautiously optimistic. "Kalinka and...?" Roll explains, "He's a robot created by Dr. Cossack. His name is Duo." She suddenly grins widely and fistpumps as she shouts, "He was AMAZING! He beat up and chased away those mean stardroids all by himself!!!" Rock looks stunned, sweatdropping. "The Stardoids ... By himself?!"

Rock silently ponders, looking worried towards Cossack and Duo. "What did Dr. Cossack do...?" His thoughts are of the Cossack Numbers.

Wily, it seems, is also nonplussed. He faces down Cossack, hands on hips, expression stern. Cossack's eyes are hidden behind the reflection of his glasses, his face unreadable.

"So let's hear the truth about this monster that chased away those other monsters, shall we?" Wily flatly asks. "The whole notion that you created this new robot yourself is some kind of joke, isn't it?"s

Cossack calmly replies, "What if I told you it wasn't a joke at all...? At any rate, we will have time to discuss the details later. I believe our first priority is to repair everyone..." He gestures over to the recovered remains of the Fifth Squadron - Charge Man, Star Man, Crystal and the others.

"WHAT THE--?!" Wily blurts out, rushing over to them. "CHARGE MAN! CRYSTAL MAN!! WAVE MAN TOO?! What have you lot been up to?! I haven't seen you around in ages and now you show up defeated like the losers you are?!"

"... er... they've been working hard, doing part time jobs in order to fund your research," Shadow Man points out, sweatdropping.

Wily picks up Star Man's head (who is tearful in shame of his present state). "I suppose I'll have to repair you useless nitwits as well. LIGHT!" Light sighs, frowning slightly, eyes closed. "Let's get started."

"Hm?!" Wily glances over at Light. "Weren't you opposed to repairing them only a few short moments ago? What changed?"

Light answers firmly, "Everyone here knows what they are fighting for, and the fact that they must fight for it - I'm done running away!"

Roll interjects, "But... there are just too many wounded! Dr. Cossack's trailer won't be enough to repair them all."

Cossack looks over at the rubble of Light's lab. "I hadn't expected the damage to Dr. Light's laboratory to be so... extensive."

Light and Wily wheel on each other, fists raised. "Light, you FOOL! Why didn't you think ahead enough to build an underground laboratory for just such an occasion!?" Light snaps back, "You're the only one crazy enough to prepare for something like this!!"

Auto interrupts, meekly. "I built one."

Light and Wily stare dumbfounded as Auto gets out a remote. "Just press this button, and..."

The ground begins to rumble ominously. With a resounding KRAKOOOOM the rubble of the lab explodes outwards and a gigantic four-legged walker-style Eddie rises out of the ground. The Light numbers look at each other in pure gobsmacked disbelief.

"I knew this day would come!" Auto announces with a grand smile and smug sparkle to his eyes. "So every time Roll or the Doctor sent me out on an errand, I kept some of the change for myself. Eventually I was able to save enough money to build this secret emergency laboratory!"

Bomb Man, dumbfounded, "... You built this... from loose change...?"

Light simply ._.; .o( I had no idea...)

Auto continues, "I call it... Dr. Auto's Labo--" Roll LEAPS onto Auto and smacks him in the back of the head with her travel bag. Auto yelps. "OW!"

"So YOU'RE the reason our accounting books wouldn't balance!!!" Roll snarls angrily. Auto's eyes are just about knocked out of his head.

".... In any case, it seems this... 'laboratory'... has all the space and equipment we will need," Dr. Light replies, trying to recover from the surprise. "We'll scold Auto later... For now, anyone who is able should help the injured into the lab."

"Yes Doctor!" The others announce, setting to work.

Auto whines. "... I'm going to get scolded anyways....?"

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As the repairs begin, Dark Moon looms over the Earth's horizon, its single eye watching everyone below. In earth's orbit, the Stardroids are reporting back to Terra.

"Venus and Uranus, both...? I thought as much when their energy readings faded..."

Terra stands at ease, one hand on his hip, the other at his side. "I am curious about the band of robots that destroyed Uranus, but it sounds like this other robot is of greater concern."

"There's no mistake," Jupiter states. "He called himself "Duo"!"

"Duo?!" Terra blurts. "But Duo was... how could he...?!" Terra stops and smiles, reaching forward, towards Saturn. "No matter. I'll just have to find out for myself. As for you..." Saturn takes a step back, worried, as Terra reaches for his face.

Saturn's ear piercing shriek of pain shoots across the heavens.


Back on Earth, Wily is feverishly making repairs, as Rock looks at an image of Dark Moon on one of the lab's monitors. ".... It might just be me, but that moon looks like it's getting bigger," Rock says, worried.

"Huh? No way!" Cut Man blinks, looking as well.

"The boy's right," Wily replies. "My portable measuring device can only provide vague approximations, but it would seem that the moon has doubled in size since it first appeared. It may very well continue to grow until the appointed time... I'm more concerned about what will happen once it's done growing."

"What will happen then?" Roll asks, worried, as she works on Fire Man's arm - who nervously thinks, "Please watch what you're doing..."

"How would I know? I'm not one of them," Wily replies, brushing Roll off.

"You sounded like you knew something!!" Roll complains. "On the news they said that the moon is visible from anywhere in the world! Day or night, it's clearly visible... at all times, from any point on the planet!"

"You may not be a genius like me," sniffs Wily, "But surely even YOU can figure out there's something unusual about that moon.... Or are you more stupid than I thought?"

"WELL GEE, SORRY I'M NOT A GENIUS!" Roll snarls. Ice Man, sweat dropping, holds up his hands. "Easy Roll..." ^o^;;

"It's been eighteen hours since the Stardroids put that cursed thing in the sky. Though they have caused much destruction in every country across the globe, none of it has come close to destroying the planet. Assuming that moon isn't just a symbol or empty threat, my guess would be that the 24-hour notice they gave us is the amount of time that thing needs to "incubate"," Wily explains, repairing at breakneck speed.

Rock swallows hard. "Are you saying that moon is going to transform into something else within six hours... and destroy earth...?"

"Possibly," Wily says. He thinks to himself, (The question is: Why are the Stardroids displaying Dark Moon for all to see...? There must be a reason...)


"AAaaAAaAaaAAA!! MY EYE! MY EYE!!" Saturn howls, clutching his face, black 'blood' oozing over his fingers.

Terra, with frightening calm and a smooth tone, states, "We are the masters of destruction! None of us should be retreating from battle!" He holds Saturn's dismembered eye in his right hand, fingertips bloodied. "Dark Moon feeds off negative emotions like fear and despair -- Your pain will also contribute to Dark Moon's growth. Be HAPPY, my brother."

He brings the eye to his mouth.

"It does bother me, however, that Dark Moon's growth rate is slower than expected." Jupiter and Mercury watch Terra's impending cannibalism with uneasy expressions.

Terra crushes the eye between his teeth with an audible squish, devouring it. "We have caused chaus and pain in every area of this pathetic planet! How is it that the people are not wallowing in despair?!"

Saturn continues to wallow in pain, still feeling his detached eye as its crushed.

"Ahh, I see now..." Terra muses with a smug smile. "Saturn, your eye has given me the data I needed to solve our little mystery..."

Images of the other Robot Masters flash before Terra's eyes. Their thoughts become plain to him. "... He can do it... He can beat the Stardroids...!"

"The source of this planet's hope has a name!" Terra announces, vanishing from sight.

Cut, Elec, Bomb, Shadow, Wily and Light suddenly drop what they are doing and snap to Rock in cold, abject fear.

"Mega Man!" Terra replies, appearing directly behind Rock.
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The cry goes out as the original Light Bots, Shadow Man and Rock throw themselves into battle ready positions. Rock turns and charges up his buster to fire as the first six, minus Guts Man, shoot attacks at Terra. Mocking them with laughter Terra easily outmaneuvers their shots with raw speed and agility, zigzagging through the lab at a blinding flight speed.

Duo is immediately behind Terra, reading to smash the smaller Stardroid. He swings an enormous fist downward, but Terra seems to merely teleport out of the way, reappearing in a flash, upside down, standing on the ceiling some feet away. Terra fires a thin beam from his palm, but Duo blocks it with ease, only needing to raise his hand to do so.

"So..." Terra muses. "You must be Duo."

Duo charges with only one thought on his mind. "STARDROIDS-- EVIL MUST BE DESTROYED!!" He attempts to punch through an invisible barrier around Terra.

"Amazing..." Cut Man gasps. "They're equals?!"

"I can see how you were capable of defeating Venus," Terra muses. "However..."

Saturn's Ring appears at Duo's feet and quickly slips over him, teleporting him away with a startled expression. "--You're not the reason I came down here!"

"That's Saturn's Black Hole," Terra smugly replies. "My brothers are waiting for you elsewhere."

"DUO!" Cossack and Kalinka cry.

Terra, still walking on the ceiling of the lab, laughs uproariously, before dropping to the ground in a smooth flip, walking towards Rock.

"Mega Man, I presume?"

Rock's eyes narrow into a frown. "!!"

Inside the black hole area, Duo finds himself suddenly surrounded by the other Stardroids. He snarls their name and prepares to fight, but he is woefully outnumbered. The remaining Stardroids open fire on him all at once, and his body is peppered with energy blasts that tear through him.

In the heavens above Earth, a bright explosion flashes across the horizon.

"Looks like it's just you and me now, Mega Man," Terra states, opening his arms wide. "I'm excited to see this legendary power of yours that has saved this planet from certain doom many times over!"

Kalinka thinks to herself, (Father... how can Ring Man and the others help?)
Cossack thinks to himself, (Their internal systems were too heavily damaged by the crystals...)

"YOU THERE!" Terra says, pointing at the two humans. "I wouldn't try anything clever if I were you. I've only left you lot alive to witness the death of the planet's hero." He raises his arm. "... Of course, such a spectacle is deserving of a greater audience...!"

Terra throws his hand towards the sky. "DARK MOON!"

The eye of the giant black sphere opens wider, and just below it, a projection of Terra and Mega Man forms. The entire population of Earth looks up to witness the standoff.

Rock, looking over his shoulder, is dumbfounded. "How--?!"

"Hehehe. The more witnesses we have, the better," Terra says, starting to form a ball of energy in his hand. "After all, your end--" He fires the beam, which begins to zig zag through the air towards Rock. "--will seal the Earth's fate!"

People all over the planet are locked towards the projection as Mega Man leaps and slides to avoid the ever-changing beam that pursues him like a heat seeking missile. He charges and fires at Terra over and over, and the two are a blur of swift dodging, ducking, weaving, explosions and buster flashes. The faces of people of all colors, races and nationalities seem to wear a single expression - deep pensive concern, hoping for the best but fearing the worst. (Notable among some of them are EXE characters such as Pat Farahan and Sunayama!)

As Rock continues to fight, he dashes past his brothers, holding their bodies for the split second it takes to copy their weapons. He tries everything - fire, ice, cutters, bombs, thunderbeams, hurling them all at Terra in an attempt to locate some kind of weakness. The people of Earth seem to cheer him on as he tries everything in courageous desperation.

Terra remains maddeningly unaffected, sliding back and forth with the sort of ease that destroys all hope of victory. Some of Terra's beams bite into Rock's arms and legs, injuring him. The crowds watching begin to shrink back in despair and tears. Rock presses on.

"Grrrnng!" Shadow Man snarls. "Must I simply lay here and watch?! This is shameful!"

Wily removes a glowing capsule-like device from his shirt. .oO( Mega Man...!)

Rock charges through the fired beams. "RAAAAAAA!"

His reflection is caught in a pair of familiar sunglasses. Blues begins to sit up. "... Mega Man...?"

Rock fires a thunder beam. Roll looks as if she knows something terrible is about to happen. "... Rock..."

"I will admit," Terra says, "You are the strongest robot on this planet."

"Rock...!" Roll urges, stepping forward.

Terra charges up another beam in his hand. "BUT THAT'S NOT STRONG ENOUGH!"

Rock draws his arms to his body as Terra's beam strikes his right abdomen, an explosion out of his side knocking him off his feet.

"ROCK!" Roll screams, her eyes welling up with tears. Humanity looks on as their hopes fail, seeing their death coming on the heels of Rock's impending defeat. Another blast hits his shoulder, another his knees, as he struggles to get up--

A single beam of light erupts from the center of his forehead outwards, chipping off the tip of his helmet. His eyes go wide and blank, empty, his mouth open.

He drops to the ground, the hole smoldering, his face staring blankly into the distance.
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Dr. Light catches her as she collapses into his arms.

Terra hmphs. "What an anti-climactic end..."

Shadow Man, leaning on his sword, trembles. "... Why... Why would you do that, Doctor Wily!?!"

Wily stands sealed inside of his UFO armor, the laser on one claw still wisping steam. "I'm surprised you'd even need to ask!! Mega Man has been a thorn in my side since the day he was created!" Wily's armor casts a shadow over Light, holding the unconscious Roll in his arms. "Did you think I was about to let some random hooligan from space steal my moment of glory!? If Mega Man was going to die, I had to ensure it would be by my hand!!" He grins from inside the helmet's face shield. "My Anti-Mega Man suit isn't quite finished yet, but it seems it was at least good enough to do the job! HAHAHA!" He breaks out into peals of victorious laughter.

Around the world, people look on in stunned horror. Some drop to their knees. Women and children weep. Old men and young cry out in disbelief (including Dingo!), some with their hands grasping their hair, some just slumped forward, silent, eyes wide.

"I can FEEL it!" Terra exclaims, hands spread, basking in the negative energy. "A powerful sense of despair is pouring out of this planet, straight into Dark Moon! It may not have happened exactly as I planned, but I suppose it would be petty to dwell on the details. You have my thanks, Dr. Wily--!" His hand begins to charge a blast of energy, which he quickly fires at the old scientist. "Your reward is a quick death! HAHAHAHAHAH!"

Light, Cossack and Kalinka look up in dismay as Wily is surrounded in a brilliant aura of burning energy and both he and the suit seem to blow away like dust in the wind.

Terra roars with laughter and the other Stardroids look on with pleased expressions, as humanity wails collectively in disbelief.

Mega Man was defeated by the Stardroids! With their last hope shattered, the people were overwhelmed with despair! Fear had its sharp talons buried into every beating heart on Earth!!! The eerie Dark Moon resumed growing with renewed vigor, feeding off the ample supply of despair now emanating from earth - what new terror will Dark Moon's final form bring...?!


Shadow Man suddenly startles back into consciousness. "....? Where am I... The last thing I remember is... being swallowed up by an intense blast..." His eye flies open. "OH NO! THE DOCTOR!! DR. WILY!! WHERE--!?"

"The Doc's just fine."

Shadow Man's head snaps towards the sound of the voice. "... it... it can't be... you... all of you--!!"

Every last Wily Robot Master is standing nearby amid the rubble - and with them is Dr. Wily, Light, and the still unconscious Roll.


Meanwhile, a rough tongue is grazing over Blues' cheek.


More licks.

"...Hey..." He begins to remember, trying to sit up. On his chest is a concerned robotic tabby cat. "meow!"

"It was you..." Blues smiles, resting his hand atop the cat's head. "You saved me from that energy blast..." Slowly, Blues looks up at the gigantic, one-eyed orb hovering over the skyline. "... Dark Moon..." There's no mistaking now, he thinks. It's growing. I have only a few hours left to do something about that moon... and the stardroids.

The cat slumps against Blues. Worried, Blues looks down. "Tango...?"

There is an enormous gaping gash across Tango's back.

"... You're wounded badly," Blues notes. "Yet you still carried me to safety..." Tango meows as if to say, 'Don't worry about it'.

"Why would you risk yourself for someone like me?" Blues asks with a note of self-loathing. "Why..."

"MEOW!" Tango struggles to his feet, looking elsewhere.

"Hey!" Blues complains. "You shouldn't be moving in your condition! You need to rest, stay still!" Tango refuses, staring off into the distance. He growls and gives an angry cat howl at the looming moon.

"You... still want to fight?" Blues asks, looking at the cat. "tango...?" The cat refuses to budge, looking upwards.

"This whole time... I thought I was protecting you," Blues muses quietly. "I see now that I was the one being protected."

Tango continues to stand fast... this time wrapped in a familiar yellow scarf. In the distance, a red and gray figure is rocketing skyward aboard a modified shield.

"This is for Tango," Blues states, charging his weapon to full as he escapes Earth's atmosphere and enters the inky cold of space. As the beam flies forward, Terra chuckles. "Hehehe... You don't have much time left. I hope you can offer at least a little entertainment."
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Shadow Man cannot believe his eyes as he glances at all his Wily brethren, alive and kicking. "You're all... alive. But how...?"

"Well," Gemini Man begins to explain - but he's cut off by a sudden shout.

"I DON'T CARE!" Cut Man snarls, grabbing Wily by the shirt collar.
"HEY!" Shadow Man shouts in return, getting to his feet.
"NONE OF THAT MATTERS NOW!" Cut Man continues, glaring at Wily. "YOU... YOU KILLED ROCK!"

"Get your hands off Dr. Wily!" Shadow Man snarls, as the other Wily Numbers jump to their feet.

"SHUT UP!" Cut Man rages, the Light numbers getting to their feet, raising their fists.

"All of you stand down!!"

Dr. Light's voice rises clear and commanding over the impending brawl. "We should NOT be fighting each other! That's exactly what the Stardroids want!!"

Cut Man, still trembling in rage, relaxes his grip on Wily. "... But Doctor... he..."

"MEGA MAN WILL BE FINE!" Light shouts. "He's still alive!"

Elec Man and Cut Man snap their gaze to Light, puzzled, eyes wide.

"So," Wily calmly says, "you saw through my little charade, did you?" Cut Man glances back down at Rock's fallen body, letting go of Wily completely as the old man continues. "I intentionally avoided causing any fatal damage. Mega Man is merely temporarily offline."

"Offline?!" Cut Man gasps. "But why would you--?!"

"It was clear that the Stardroids had singled him out," Wily firmly states, glancing over at Cut Man. "If I hadn't done this, they wouldn't have stopped until he was permanently destroyed!"

Later, inside 'Dr. Auto's Secret Laboratory"....

The Lightbots look on with grave concern as Rock's repairs are underway. ".... I hope they can fix him," Ice Man murmurs, hand to his mouth.

In another corner of the lab, the four Dark Men and Shadow Man face each other, Shadow Man sitting on the floor, leaning against a wall. "I see. Shade Man..."

"Yes! He found us hiding -- er -- defending the Gamarizer's cargo bay!" Number Four explains.
"He ordered us to load the wounded numbers into the Gamarizer!" Three continues. "Then he took off, mumbling something about "checking in" on Dr. Wily...."
"He didn't even offer to help! Isn't that terrible?!" Number 2 complains.

Shadow Man closes his eyes, smiling weakly, understanding. He was calmly analyzing the situation the entire time... right from the beginning... You are a better robot than I, Shade Man...

"By the way," Shadow Man asks, looking back up, "Why were you inside the Gamarizer? Weren't you performing maintenance?"

Suddenly all four Dark Men look nervous, sweating profusely. "OH! UM.... Er...." Don't tell him we were hiding in there! Don't tell him we were trying to use it to escape without them! Number 4 frantically thinks to himself.

"So you were riding in the Gamarizer the whole time?" Shadow Man asks, puzzled. "Why didn't you say something?"

"You kind of made that awkward for us," Number 4 answers.

Shadow Man looks further puzzled. "?"

"I mean... we weren't sure what to think. First you were laughing all crazy-like, and then you started crying..." Four continues. Shadow Man's face turns beet red as he waves his hands frantically, trying to silence 4. "AHH AHH LA LAA LAAA!"

"Just when we thought it was safe to approach you, you started into this whole "honorable disembowelment ceremony". We thought you were malfunctioning for sure," Four continues bluntly.

"SILENCE! That's enough!" Shadow Man shouts in an embarrassed panic. Burst Man and Junk Man look at each other and shrug.

"I thought we were goners when that big robot came crashing down on the Gamerizer," Four states simply.

"With these amateurs trying to repair us, we could barely move, never mind get out there in time to help," Flash Man explains with a casual smile. "But in the end, we got to be the heroes that saved your circuits, so I'm not complaining," Heat Man adds.

Cut Man watches impassively at the door nearby.

"Are you worried?" Elec Man asks his older brother.

"Of course I'm worried! Both Rock and Roll haven't regained consciousness!" Cut Man blurts out irritably. "Poor Roll - the shock of seeing Rock like that knocked her right off her feet!"

Elec Man's eyes drift off upwards. "I actually think it might have been better that way."

"WHAT?!" Cut Man snaps, hands balled into fists. "You pickin' a fight?!"

"Calm down," Elec Man continues, explaining. "You don't seem to understand what I'm saying. I only meant that it may have been better for Rock to be removed from all the fighting."

"... Oh," Cut Man replies, growing thoughtful as well.

"Rock is too kind... to gentle. He really doesn't belong on the field of battle," Elec Man says quietly. "If this truly is the end of the world, I'm just glad he will be spending it among friends, away from the violence."

Cut Man is silent as he looks on, watching Light and Wily feverishly working to repair Rock.

"Of course, I have no intention of letting this be "the end"," Elec Man states.
"None of us do," Fire Man adds. "But how will we defeat the Stardroids?"

Elec Man's thoughts turn to the energy crystals that popped out of the Cossack Numbers. "I have a plan..."
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Postby Observer » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:26 pm

Suddenly the medical monitoring equipment attached to Rock erupt in alarms.

"NO!" Light shouts. "The damage to his artificial brain was greater than expected! At this rate--!"

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Wily interjects sharply. "My suit has a sophisticated targeting mechanism! I'm certain I avoided any vital parts!"

"--WAIT!" Light interrupts, thrusting his finger towards the hole in Rock's forehead. "Look here!!" Beside the main wound is a tiny pinhole a few millimeters to the right.

"TWO HOLES?!" Wily gasps. He slams his fist down onto the diagnostic table. "BLAST IT! THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!!" Wily's fist tightens. "He must have realized what I was trying to do--!" His thoughts turn to the mocking smile of Terra. "He may have fatally wounded Mega Man!" The old scientist's shoulders slump as his gaze tightens. ".... How could I have been so blind...? I can't believe I was fooled by that.... that... ARGH!"

Rock's face scrunches up into a look of pained struggle. He's groaning quietly on the table, the top of his head removed and wires hooked into ports at the sides of his head. Roll is still silent nearby.

"We must do something!" Light urges.

"Agreed!" Wily replies. "But we'd better think of something quick, otherwise--!!"


Inside Rock's mind, surrounded by darkness, memories of his many battles are flashing before his eyes. Through the scattered and erratic flashes of recollection, a deep voice is calling out to him.

Mega Man...

... You have challenged countless evils... and prevailed... but why?

... For what?...

Your memories are filled with battles... you are a veritable archive of war records.

Rock's memories turn to a horizon filled with the shadows of Wily Numbers, Light Numbers, countless other Robot Masters that stare at him with empty eyes and vacant, grim expressions. The eyes of the White Giant are glowing down upon him.

Is it not possible... is it not true... that you are the center of it all?

Rock's thoughts waver. "... I...."
".... I...."


Outside and over him, Wily is working feverishly to try to save Rock, sweat running down his bandaged face. (The poor lad is fighting a foe far greater than my numbers or any Stardroid... A foe called Death!)

(You must beat this, Rock!) Light mentally urges on, working across the table from Wily, sweat beading his forehead. (Not for me... Not just for the peoples of this world... you must win this one for yourself!)

Cut Man, leaning against the wall, can only watch and wait. His thoughts are churning in a rapid pace. (Elec Man has a point,) he thinks. (If I had my way, Rock wouldn't have to fight another battle.)

(But is that really the way it should be...?)

(I don't know. I don't think so...)

Cut Man suddenly smiles.
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Postby Observer » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:42 pm

Cut Man sighs, approaching the main doors to the operating room. (I guess there's no point thinking about it.... Rock won't be able to fight for a good long while, anyways.)

Something just in front of the door gives Cut Man pause. He can hear something...?

Star... droids...

I won't give up... I am....

Mega Man--!!

Cut Man trembles, chuckling in disbelief under his breath, tears running down his cheeks. "...e-even now... he's still ...?!" Still shaking he backs up against a wall for support. "... I thought I was glad that Rock was out of the battle....?"

(No,) he thinks to himself. (I just...)

(... I hated seeing you get hurt all the time... I didn't want you to suffer anymore.)

"I was being a coward!"


Inside, Light and Wily are still racing, but from the grim expressions on their faces, the outcome is looking bleak.


(If Dr. Wily and Dr. Light haven't given up, why should I?) Cut Man thinks to himself, just beyond.


"DAMMIT!" Cut Man snarls, banging his fist into the wall. "ISN'T THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO?! I FEEL SO USELESS -- THIS BODY IS USELESS!!"

He stops immediately, head snapping upwards. "... This body?!"

He looks at his fist. Then back to the great room where the other Robot Masters are waiting in clusters.

Cossack bots are helping to repair Wily Bots. Wily bots are helping repair Light bots. Everyone is working together as if they were one dysfunctional, yet loving family.

(You know what, Rock? After all this time... watching you run fearlessly into battle after battle without a second thought...) Cut Man thinks to himself. (... I think I finally get it.)

Cut Man starts to walk towards the doors.

Ice Man notices the strange look on Cut Man's face, and runs towards Guts Man and other Light numbers. "Hey guys... Cut Man's acting a little strange," he notes.

"Cut Man's always acting a little strange," Fire Man replies, curious.

"No," Ice Man continues, "I mean his face! He had a weird look on his face!!"

"Cut Man's face is always weird," Guts Man replies, smiling.

"Speaking of Cut Man, where is he?" Bomb Man asks.

"He's, uh--" Ice Man turns around, looking. "...?" Cut Man is nowhere to be found.

(Cut Man...) Ice Man thinks to himself. (I've never seen him like that before...I have a bad feeling about this.)

(In the background, Freeze Man notices Ice Man's concern. "Ice Man?")

The operating doors open, and Light and Wily, surprised, turn to see Cut Man standing at the door.

"May I have a moment of your time, gents?"
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Postby Observer » Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:26 pm

Elec Man stands before Mikhail Cossack, his face pleading with intense urgency.

"Dr. Cossack! Please, tell us about those crystals! You gave Ring Man and the others a strange "power" -- a power great enough to stand up to the Stardroids!"

Cossack is quiet for a moment, before taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly. "Where shall I start?"

"During Dr. Wily's fourth attempt at world domination, he abducted Kalinka in order to manipulate me. He forced me to help him create combat robots... That is where it all began."

"Dr. Wily was obsessed with creating more powerful robots, faster and more efficiently. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, Dr. Wily conceded that he would have to share his research with me. I'm certain he would have preferred to keep most of the information to himself. When Mega Man stopped him, I used the ensuing chaos as a cover to copy all of Dr. Wily's research data... and took it with me."

Shadow Man leaps to his feet, looking shocked, and even a little dismayed. "WH-WHAT?! You... you're a thief?!"

"EXCUSE ME?!" Kalinka snaps from directly behind Shadow Man, who whirls around in surprise. "NEED I REMIND YOU THAT YOU GUYS STARTED IT ALL BY KIDNAPPING ME?! YOU'RE THE CRIMINALS HERE!!"

Shadow Man, sweatdropping, backs up. "... Er... I... I appologize... This is no time for meaningless accusations. ... I misspoke."

"It's all right, Kalinka," Dr. Cossack says, looking aside, a bit ashamed. "Shadow Man is right... there is no denying that." Looking up, a strange smile pulls at the corners of his mouth, his eyes carrying just a faint glimmer of mad glee. "But that's just how alluring the data was...! Dr. Wily's research data was a treasure trove of knowledge!!"

The Cossack Bots glance over at their creator, a little unnerved at his exclamation.

"Once I returned to my home country, I threw myself into analyzing all of the information contained in the data. The data had information on many things... including a small asteroid called "Alpha" and the "hyper energy crystals" found there, and "Project Gamma," Cossack continues. By now, the Third Numbers are listening as well. "I was consumed by my desire for these mysterious energy crystals. With Dr. Wily's data providing a guideline, I began performing my own experiments. Eventually I was able to create copies of the "hyper energy crystals" and the robot "Omega". The results were those crystals you saw and... Duo!!"

"Duo had the power to defeat the Stardroids... It is a shame that he was taken from us," Cossack says quietly, repairing Ring Man, who bows his head in memory of the brief existence of his youngest 'brother'.

"But we still have your crystals!" Elec Man points out.

"Elec Man...." Cossack gently warns, "My crystals are flawed. They are not perfect replicas of the originals. If I were to install one of the crystals into your system, you would lose control of your senses... you would literally go berserk."

So that's what happened to Ring Man and the others, Elec Man thinks to himself, looking down, plans apparently frustrated.

"But-- You are right of course," Cossack continues. "If you were to harness the power of the crystal... you'd be capable of destroying the Stardroids, just as Duo was."

"You saw what happened to Mega Man when he tried to face the Stardoids in a fair fight," Elec Man says. "Without your crystals we wouldn't stand a chance!!"

Cossack closes his eyes and frowns, pondering the situation deeply. After a moment, he leaves the room, returning shortly with a static case, setting it on a table, and opening it up. Inside are seven hand-length, hexagonally-shaped prism crystals. "Here are the crystals," he says. "We only have seven... the same ones that I installed into Ring Man and the others before--"

"I find your story mighty interesting, Doc!" a brash voice interrupts. "The power of the crystals is MINE!"

Before Cossack's shocked eyes, Bass reaches forward and snatches four of the crystals in one hand.

"Bass, WAIT!" Elec Man interjects, but the Super Wily Number is already walking away.

"I'm disappointed that you guys got rid of that white monster without me," Bass casually asides. "But I suppose I'll just have to be satisfied with beating the bolts out of those Stardroids!" Treble is hot on the heels of his master. "I'LL TEACH THEM TO START A PARTY WITHOUT ME!!"

"Who repaired that idiot?!" Gyro Man demands, trembling in anger and disbelief.

A voice from behind whines, "I... I had no choice... his mean dog was threatening me...."

Dive Man glares at a weeping Auto. "It was YOU?!"

Cossack tries to run after Bass. "STOP BASS! Those crystals are DANGEROUS--!"

"Dangerous?" Bass flippantly asks, a huge, arrogant smile across his face. "DANGER'S MY MIDDLE NAME!"

An enormous hole is blown out of the top of the "laboratory" as Bass, combined with Treble, rockets skyward on a direct course for the orbiting Stardroids.
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