Thoughts on Faction Balance and Organization

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Thoughts on Faction Balance and Organization

Postby QuantumHyena » Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:41 pm

Reading that Gigamix manga caused a thought or twelve to come to me (thanks Observer!). I noticed the Wily Army mushside is ... kind of lunch box evil when compared to the Mavericks and they've really got no clear cut goals or organization other than 'take over the world' and 'Wily is the boss'. So here's the thought I had on how they might operate, a potentially fun wrinkle or two for them, and how that relates to an overall factional balance.

  • The Wily Army's goal is (obviously) taking over the world for Wily. Their reason for this largely boils down to ''Wily is better than the status quo'' whether they're long-time RMs, newer recruits, or even *gasp* humans or reploids who agree with Wily.
  • To this end, the WA operates by taking military control of regions, seizing economic sites of production, and switches everything over to state (Wily) approved tasks like building RMs and drones, or agriculture and the basics to comfortably sustain the human population in less physically strenuous labors (e.g. R&D).
  • The currency of Wily territory is digital, for Wily is hip with the new tech, and is represented by a gold coin with a W on both sides, or possibly a W on one side and a little emblem with the Skull Fortress on the back of something.
  • Wily's Army itself is comprised primarily of a large number of drones which are overseen by a smaller number of RMs (of varying quality). There are enough drones that Wily can make up for quality of his robot masters with sheer weight of numbers as needed, although he has a small cadre of particularly high-end models (the Pseudoroids among others). His RMs are almost always fielded with drone support.
  • Wily does not discriminate, so reploids are welcome into his ranks. However the man lacks Light's instant good faith in everything that has a pulse and so wily chips them to keep them loyal. Given how much RMs probably resent reploids for making them obsolete in several industries, that probably goes a long way towards preventing reploid supporters from being lynched too.

And fun details which really have to do with all the factions.

  • The Wily Army is more chaotic neutral than evil. They want to take over the world, not murder it dead like the Mavericks. A lot of folks who don't like that status quo but aren't genocidal probably pile in here.
  • Mavericks can still scratch the lawful/chaotic evil itch for reploids, and probably RMs too to a lesser degree. Humans get to go criminal for that, but we have a surprisingly healthy faction of that already.
  • Hunters are the goody-goodies of humans, reploids, and RMs alike. Repliforce is ditto that for reploids only and they tend to be stricter, but also accept reploids much more readily and without particularly high hiring requirements. Hunters probably have more tests what with being more elite and also maverick-paranoid. Repliforce probably has more resources available to refit Generic Joe to any of five different combat or noncombat roles in seven flavors including strange without much respect or care for what he was designed to do in the first place.
  • WA has a lot of drones, a whole lot. Seriously like 'why does Mega Man never fight in a drone-making factory' many. They've got sheer weight of numbers to fill the sky with arrows that have little Ws on the end of them. Above that they have a more medium sized number of RMs (and a couple reploids and humans) who can lead them around. WA robots, particularly RMs, can count on a lot of suppressing fire, albeit not with the best aim.
  • Similarly, RF has a lot of reploids. Probably comfortably more than the Wily Army has RMs but nowhere near as many as it has drones. Still, reploids count for more than drones so they're the next step up in quality over quantity.
  • The Mavericks have a healthy core of reploids (and a small number of RMs) but little support. Most Mavericks probably field in groups and/or with partner mechaniloids of above-average quality. They're higher-end than Repliforce but don't have a massive pool of resources so while they make every card-carrying Maverick count, you probably have to claw your way up the food chain to get the shiny human-killing upgrades.
  • Hunters have the smallest supply of core units, but as a trade-off, the average Hunter reploid is top-quality compared to the other factions. To make up for small numbers, a larger pool of RMs commanded by humans and reploids alike handle most of the day-to-day attacks and logistics, with the reploids serving as the cutting edge of a larger spear. Normal to operate in squads or even small companies depending on the task, but also not uncommon for reploids to go out alone or in pairs if needed NOW.
  • Everyone, from Hunters to Wily to Mavericks, probably has bases in all different sizes. Repliforce, Hunters, and (let's be honest for a moment here) Wily don't particularly hide themselves, but Mavericks more likely have a few bases that are less obvious but hefty in size. Dopplertown is a big, obvious target but it's a city with its own missile base, so even the Mavs have a 'I can see this from space' target, albeit one that's probably as easy to attack as Skull Fortress. Hunters most likely have the most exposed base but they've got a lot of them, while Repliforce has less but they've got military fences and gun towers.
  • Little bases in cities, whether hidden or not, and at the borders of 'controlled territory' (we should probably figure out what that means) means everyone's got a window they can brick when they're feeling fight-y, even the good guys! It just might take some detective work to find a base to hit that won't scrap you back unless you've got a lot of friends to help.

That's pretty much it. Enjoy the verbal stream of consciousness on all sorts of tangentially connected stuff and good luck finding a thread coherent enough to make a discussion on. 8-)
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