Quantum's Nuzlocke Challenge

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Quantum's Nuzlocke Challenge

Postby QuantumHyena » Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:16 am

Because I'm starting to spam the overall topic, here's some organization to things. Two failed attempts at Gold down and I've regressed to the original Blue intent on working forward. Where we last left our hero(?) Gary:

MOM: Right. All boys leave home some day. It said so on TV. PROF. OAK, next door, is looking for you.

Goeth I to Oak's lab, findeth I Ash who says grandpa isn't around. Checketh I with all the aids and people in the town, no sign of Oak. Then I walk into tall grass... and Oak shows up ... running around the corner of my house. The only things in that direction are an open field (which I checked) and my front door, beyond which is my mother who gave me bogus directions to find Oak.

Oh I can just tell I'm off to a great start...
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Re: Quantum's Nuzlocke Challenge

Postby QuantumHyena » Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:13 am

By grace of a D3, Gary's first Pokemon is now Jack the Squirtle!

Vs Ash: Jack wins with 4HP remaining! Jack grew to level 6! :D
What the heck Ash. ''I picked the wrong Pokemon!'' ''I'll make my Pokemon fight to toughen it up!'' <_<

Reasons to <_< at Oak:

  • He was a ''serious'' trainer in his youth, now he only has three Pokemon left ... and they're all level 5.
  • Ash was waiting patiently in the lab for who knows how long, Oak forgot he asked him to visit and then let me pick first (Ash complained, ''what about me!'', Oak ignored him).
  • When I ask him ''What the heck is up with your grandson?'' after Vs Ash: ''Gary, raise your young Pokemon by making it fight!'' Now we know where Ash got it from.

Vs #1 (Pidgey): Victory! Jack is now level 7! :D
Vs #2 (Pidgey): Jack is Gusted down to 2HP. Running time! o_o

Reach Viridian! (And heal up!)
Get stuff for Oak, decide it's best not to peek, head back towards Pallet...
Vs #3 (Rattata): Victory!

Return to Pallet, give parcel to Oak. Oak ordered a custom pokeball?... <_<
Addition to list: Why would a Pokemon researcher, who has /one/ Pokemon left, order a custom Pokeball...
PokeDex get! Town Map from Ash's sister get! ''Quick rest'' and ''take care!'' from Mom get! That's really all she has to say when I'm about to go out into the world, with no destination, only a town map, and one Pokemon to my name...

Vs #4 (Pidgey): VIctory!

Reached Viridian again. Got Jack healed up, bought Pokeballs...
Not going back a-hunting in Route 1 because that would be against The Rules.
To Route 22!
Vs #5 (Rattata): Just scratch it up a little Jack... (3/3rd HP), (2/3rd HP)... one more Tackle... CRITICAL HIT! Enemy Rattata has fainted! Jack grew to level 8! Dang it Jack...
To Route 2!
Vs #6 (Rattata): Okay, just hitting it two times now... *KO*. Jack please don't kill the rats...
Into Viridian!
Vs #7 (Metapod): Good this one's nice and tanky. Let's just hit it once and see what happens...*critical for 1/4th HP* o_o Oh, very tanky. Let's try that like, three more times... Pokeball! <Failure> Second Pokeball! Caught it! I shall name thee Bugsy! :D

Vs #8 (BUG CATCHER): Victory! Jack grew to level 9! :D
Vs #9 (Metapod): Victory!

Ooh a gym! *walk walk walk*
Vs #10 (Jr. Trainer Male): ...Uh-oh that's a beefy Diglett. Um... potions, potions, oh dear no potions... Jack fainted! ToT Um ... okay Get'm Bugsy! Even though you ... don't know any attacks at all... oh heck this is bad. Bugsy has fainted! ToT

And end Attempt #1 of Blue...
Here I thought I knew this game well enough to not get hosed. Apparently running straight for the rock gym because Jack knew Bubble was ... a bad, bad idea.
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Re: Quantum's Nuzlocke Challenge

Postby QuantumHyena » Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:55 am

Blue Attempt #2:

After taking care of Jack and Bugsy, Gary returns to Pallet and visits Oak. By grace of luck (D3), he gets a new Squirtle. In honor of Jack, he names it Jill.
Vs #1: Jill defeats Bulbasaur and grew to level 6! :D
Vs #2: Jill defeats Rattata!
Vs #3: Jill defeats Pidgey and grew to level 7! :D
Vs #4: Jill defeats Pidgey!

Argh this market doesn't sell any potions!

Route 22, Nidoran female encountered! :D
Come on Jill, let's catch 'er!
Nidoran Female Caught! I shall name her ... Lucy, because it's one letter short of Lucky and I really hope she doesn't die. o_o
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Re: Quantum's Nuzlocke Challenge

Postby QuantumHyena » Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:02 am

Off to Pewter. Caterpie caught in Route 2! :D I named her (yes her, I flipped for it) Stringy, because she is.
This is going to be a very long journey if every time I fight something, 2/3rds of my team enters deep orange health...
Jill is now Lv8! :D
Caught another Caterpie in the Viridian Forest! I named him Sticky because he kept using String Shot on Stringy.
Fought a mean Bug Trainer whose Weedle brought Stringy down to 4 HP and poisoned her. Lucy fixed that Weedle right up. e_e
Stringy grew to level 5! Lucy grew to level 7! (yes she grew two, one from Weedle, one from a Caterpie)
;_; I have no antidotes or potions for Stringy and she has 4 HP left...
Found another trainer while searching for a discarded antidote. Lucy beat the Weedle and grew to level 8. Lucy beat Kakuna and grew to level 9. Lucy beat another Weedle.
OhthankgodAntidote! Stringy has 1HP left but this will fix her! And a potion means I can heal Lucy so she can continue to keep the Weedles from poisoning my poor team.
Lucy defeated a final Bug Catcher and grew to level 10! :D
Caught a male Rattata on the other side of the forest. I named him Frisky because all he did was shake his tail at Stringy.

Finally in Pewter. My team and I survived the trip and are taking a much needed rest.
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Re: Quantum's Nuzlocke Challenge

Postby QuantumHyena » Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:04 am

Woke up from an unplanned nap at the Pokemon Center. Left with my team and looked around town. Found a house with two Pokemon obsessed and moderately helpful fellows. Found a sign: PEWTER CITY A Stone Gray City.

A really sketchy guy was walking back and forth nearby in the flowers. ''Psst. Do you know what I'm doing?'' Me: Yes. .oO(You're being a twit.) ''That's right! It's hard work!''

Out of curiousity, I bother him again and curiously, he asks me the same question back. I tell him no, ''I'm spraying REPEL to keep Pokemon out of my garden!'' Oh! Well then, that sounds handy. I should see if the market sells any!

The Mart does not sell REPEL. I wonder how he got them for his garden ... maybe home-brew. Hopefully I'll pass a library so I can look up what Repel is made of. It'd better be sanitary.

Found a stooge in the Mart complaining about getting ripped off by a shady old man. She paid P500 for a ''really weird'' fish Pokemon that's ''totally weak''.

Random passer-by mentions a museum. That sounds like fun, I hope they let -- agh stop dragging me there by the arm I'll walk myself! *ahem* Okay so P50 is a little expensive for a museum, but what the heck? It's got to be worth something if he's that excited, right?

Walked around, saw two complete Pokemon fossils and a meteorite as well as ... space shuttle Columbia? Why ... is there a space shuttle in a museum full of fossils? Truly this is a curious city.

Passed a sign that mentioned thieves at Mount Moon. That's not good. I'd rather not have anything of mine stolen. Huh... whoever Team Rocket is is apparently the problem according to an obnoxiously loud talker on his cell phone. Note to self: avoid them.
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Re: Quantum's Nuzlocke Challenge

Postby QuantumHyena » Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:29 am

Did some training in the local tall grass, interrupted by an existential quandry. Why exactly am I doing all this again? Creepy old man wants me to make an encyclopedia of all Pokemon because he's too old to. He may or may not be having a fling with my mother, who's young enough to be his daughter... and Ash - the village jerk until proven otherwise - has decided to do likewise. While Ash has shown to be a bit of a pest, he'll probably pull that off if I give him long enough ... or him and his team will get stuck in a cave or something.

Well, Jill and co. have toughened up pretty well. I think I'll poke my head in the local gym to see if there's a better reason in there. Chatted with a helpful guy loitering at the front, he's just there to watch the fights I'm sure. Reading the sign at the entrance ... winning trainers: Ash? Well I guess he's doing alright then. I walked in to have a talk with Brock, see if maybe he has a good reason and got interrupted by some pesky junior trainer yammering about light years. His team was ... worrisomely strong, but Jill took out his Diglett and Sandshrew (level up! :D). On second thought, if this is what the random junior of the gym is like I need to train up more before I even open my mouth near Brock. Experience suggests making eye contact with pokeballs on my belt is an open invitation to attack me with Pokemon. :I

Well now I'm looking for an answer. Brock will probably just attack me and Pewter is fairly useless for anything that's not being dragged by the arm. Checking Ash's sis' map, the Indigo Plateau and Victory Road are off of Viridian City. Huh, never been over there. With a name like Victory Road there has to be someone over there with a good reason for being a trainer.

Oh for the ... started on my walk out of Viridian (the forest was surprisingy quiet) and Ash shows up talking about the Pokemon League. That's probably what's in Victory Road ... and he attacks me as per usual. Okay, someone needs a slapping. Slapping done, Jill and Lucy handled his Pidgey and Bulbasaur. He still hasn't named either of them. :/

Front door of the Pokemon League, ooh nice building. Now to find some answers ... or get turned away by a guard because I don't have the boulder badge. Oh dang it so that's what Ash meant.
*sigh* So now what do I do?...

Took a break in a clearing and confered with my team. ''Rattataaaa!'' ''Nidoran, nidoran!'' ''Cater-cater--pie!! (in stereo)'' ''Squirt squirtle squirt.'' Oh ... right, I don't speak Pokemon. Um... well on second thought I just tried to get advice from two caterpillars, a small rodent, a ... whatever nidoran is, and a turtle. What am I, Alice? New idea, I'm just going to sleep out here and wait for inspiration to strike me.

Watched the stars come out for a little while and then fell asleep on some tall grass. I woke up to the smell of what I quickly disovered was a Rattata corpse. Apparently the little rodent poked its teeth around while I was asleep. I'm pretty sure Jill killed it based on the shell-shaped dent. The team already made a meal out of most of it ... at least they won't need breakfast. I suppose personal safety is a good reason to have Pokemon, but then if I don't -go- anywhere I don't need much in that regard. It seems like the further I get from here the tougher wild Pokemon are.

Walked back to Pallet to find a few old books and have some conversations. Found Ash's sister pacing the room for some reason. I talked with her, ''Pokemon are living things! If they get tired, give them a rest!'' Huh, that's a slightly worrisome thing to say when she looks so stressed out. She did offer me some water though which was nice. Waved goodbye and visited Oak. Surely -he- ... or he'll grab my Pokedex, open it, and then shove it back in my hands saying I have lots more to do.

Left Oak, visited home. Mom shooed me into bed for a quick rest and then shooed me out the door. She probably has plans with Oak or something... and I'm not pondering that any further than I have to.

Now for those books. spent the evening giving myself a refresher on Pokemon and history. Jill went for a swim, Stringy and Sticky chewed on some leaves, and Lucy and Frisky ... did something. Maybe I'll read through the Pokedex entries for my team and see what Oak is having me do all this for.

...Okay Oak you have some explaining to do. How does your encyclopedia know stuff about my Pokemon that I don't just by looking at them? The height and weight ... maybe if I ever store them in a box or put them on a scale or something (I haven't). That Lucy is venomous and that male nidorans, whom I've never seen, have larger horns? Or that Squirtle's back swells into a shell shortly after birth?

Stared at my pokedex for a while and then it hit me in the form of a dive-bombing Pidgey - I know what I'm going to do! First, forget about this Pokedex. Second, smack Ash so hard that Oak feels it. Third, knock heads until PEOPLE AND POKEMON STOP ATTACKING ME ON SIGHT!

Oh Brock~... one long walk north later, I come face to face with ... oh at least open your eyes man. Forget it, you know what? If you want to fight, I'm ready to... wait your Geodude took one Bubble and a Tackle? And ... our Onix ... okay what the heck man your trainer was tougher. Welp that's that, boulder badge means that chick can't stop my walk anymore, and now I can use Flash? Not ... asking. But at least he gave me a nice TM ... I
think. Bide sounds kind of sadomasochistic in function, or at least risky.

Finally out of Pewter and walking down towards Mt. Moon. Oh what the heck lady. Yes, yes I admit I /did/ look at you. So what? You really want to fight about it? Pidgey and Pidgey handled. Jill learned Water Gun. :D

Met another bug catcher who already got in my way in Viridian Forest. His team got stronger, but still got stomped by Lucy. Next got attacked by a youngster who really likes sandals and has a pet snake with a nasty bite. Jill washed the snake away and Sticky evolved into a Metapod (:D).
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