Jumping on the Nuzlocke Bandwagon

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Jumping on the Nuzlocke Bandwagon

Postby delcera » Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:18 pm

So, as the topic implies, I feel like doing Nuzlocke as well.

Just nabbed a ROM of Blue and got Mednafen working, so let'd do it to it!

The Rules I shall be following:

  • Faint == Death
  • Catch only first pokemon in area
  • Everything gets a nickname
  • Save only in Pokemon Centers
  • Black Out = Game Over
  • Can only carry 5x pokeballs at a time
  • No Master Ball
  • Repeat encounters don't count toward capture limit

More might be added later. For now? Let's get it on!

Day 0:
Played the outdated game console hooked up to the outdated TV. Was surfing the web, heard Mom yell "GET MOVING!"

Watched a movie in the living room about a bunch of kids about to get hit by a train, Mom smacked me in the head.

Learned that Mom takes her advice from the TV: "Right. All boys leave home someday. It said so on TV." "Gee, Mom, really? And what else does the TV tell you? That the pyramids were built by space aliens and that in the future we'll all drink Slurm?"

Heard that Prof. Oak is looking for me next door, head over to house with nobody but buddy-turned-rival's older sister home. Sister tells me that Rival is at Oak's lab, doesn't tell me where Oak is. Raid the bookshelves, flirt with Sister, head outside.

Bump into (literally) a girl training a pokemon to play guard dog. Wish her luck, head to Oak's lab in the hopes that Rival won't be a douche and will tell me where "Gramps" is. On the way, bump into hefty dude who talks about the "wonders of technology". Politely duck out of conversation and into lab, wondering how they managed to convert living beings into data without killing them.

Inside, talk to two useless Aides whose sole purpose seems to be decoration and a girl who thinks Oak is the best thing since sliced bread. Bump into Rival: "Yo! Gramps isn't around!" "Gee, really. You'd think I couldn't notice."

Sigh and head out the door, looking for Heisenberg's Professor.

After a complete circuit of town, can't find him. Head back to the lab with the intent of nabbing a pokemon and leaving an IOU. "I CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT, STARFOX!"

*Grumblemuttermumble* Decide fine, if Prof Whatever is going to be an absentee then I'm just going to freaking wrestle my first pokemon into submission. Rattata and Pidgey can't be that tough!

Swing by the house to say a final goodbye to Mom-- still under the impression that Oak is next door-- and then head out into the "wilderness".

A WILD OAK APPEARS! From my freaking house. Oak if you so much as thought about doing what I suspect you did I will beat you about the head and shoulders with your own pokedex.

So the Dirty Old Man drags me off to his lab to do unspeakable things like subject me to Rival's douchebaggery. Also apparently Dirty Old Man has memory issues, because he forgot he told his grandson to meet him in the lab. NOT LOOKING TOO GOOD THERE, MISTER POKEMON AUTHORITY.

So this supposed "serious trainer" somehow lost all his pokemon in his old age. Given that they can be stored pretty much indefinitely as data on a computer, why not just box them all and stick them on a portable hard drive? You get to have your cake and eat it too!

Rival what the crap. "Heh, I don't need to be greedy like you! Go ahead and choose!"

First off I didn't ask to go first mister "I'm fed up with waiting gimme a pokemon nao!" and second by going first you get to choose the strong type, not me! So shut up!

Upon trying to talk to Oak's window dressi-- I mean Aides-- I slam facefirst into an invisible wall. "Hey, wait! Don't go yet!" So you mean I have to take one of your pokemon? Well ain't that just grand!

After a clearly biased Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Moe I pilfer a Squirtle that's stuck inside a pokeball bigger than my whole freaking head. Somehow I manage to lift this beach ball up and shove it into my pocket. How I can tell that the pokemon is energetic I have no idea but it bodes poorly for my poor pockets.

So anyway Smuckers (with a name like that it has to be good!) and I watch as Rival, in his infinite douchecockery, picks a, surprise surprise, Bulbasaur. Doesn't even bother to name the poor thing, nor did he give the poor Charmander any thought at all. I kinda want to nab that other ball just to give the little guy a home.

Rival: "My pokemon looks a lot stronger." Your pokemon has a plant growing out of its back that's as large as it is! I'm shocked it can even move!

Upon talking to Oak to see what he wants me to do now: "If a wild pokemon appears, you can have your pokemon fight against it!" So you mean to tell me that you dragged me over to your lab and subjected me to your grandson solely to give me an animal that will allow me to go kill other animals without getting my hands dirty.

In petty revenge, I read his email. Apparently the Pokemon League wants to see him ASAP. That can't bode well. Maybe they'll revoke his doctorate, the dirty old man.

After slipping a few of his more interesting books into my bag, I make my way out of the lab and, surprise surprise, Rival wants to prove that his pokemon is stronger. Nevermind that he's got the type advantage and that at level five neither one of us will have a pokemon worthy of note. Doesn't even offer me the chance to opt out of the fight. Jackhole.

After hitting his Bulbasaur with a full-body tackle more times than I care to admit, his Bulbasaur finally has the sense to tap out. I take my $200 and Smuckers gains a level. Rival promptly says he'll make his pokemon fight to get tougher. I can't help but notice that if he got trounced this time what makes him think he won't get trounced next time. And the time after that. And the time after that.

"Smell ya later"? Boy don't make me sic Smuckers on you.

So I head up to Oak to ask him if there's anything he can do to make his grandson less of a dick when I hear "Make your young pokemon stronger by making it fight."

Great. Now I know where Rival gets it from: the "foremost authority on Pokemon". Makes me want to fly into a rage and burn the lab down. Maybe I'll do that when I get a Fire-type.

After another cruise around town (and another visit with Sister) I decide to head out on Route 1.
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Re: Jumping on the Nuzlocke Bandwagon

Postby delcera » Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:16 pm

Day 1:

"Yay I'm goin' to Viridian~!"

Hm, tall grass just outside town. It's like they're trying to get me killed or something. Welp, nothing to do but forge ahead. ONWARD, SMUCKERS!

Aaand a Pidgey. Six damage for fifteen XP. I'll take that thank you~! :D

Keep walking and there's a sketchy dude staring at the rocks on the road. I walk up and poke him in the back. "Hey what's up?"

"HI I WORK AT A POKEMON MART IT'S A CONVENIENT SHOP SO PLEASE VISIT US IN VIRIDIAN CITY! I KNOW I'LL GIVE YOU A SAMPLE!" Dude shoves a Potion into my hands. "How do I know this isn't, like, spray-Meth or something? Isn't that how they get you? First time's free?"
"WE ALSO CARRY POKEBALLS FOR CATCHING POKEMON!" "That's nice but it doesn't--" The 'sales rep' turns away. Sketch much? Still, a free Potion's a free Potion even if Smuckers does get hooked on Meth.


And a second pidgey, this time level four. Smuckers takes a serious beating, goes down to 5 HP, and levels up by learning how to take a punch. Go Smuckers!

Some random schmuck tells me that I can get back to Pallet Town more quickly if I hop down some ledges but it's scary. "Really? 'Cause I think it's kinda fun, actually."

And upon climbing the stairs to Viridian City I breathe a sigh of relief. Home free at last! First stop, Pokemon Center!

Nurse Joy fixes me up, and then tells me she 'hopes to see me again'. Is that a thinly-veiled threat? Because it certainly sounds like one! I walk up to a guy in a spiffy hat-- where do I get a hat like that!?-- to ask if she's always like this but he just sidesteps me and goes about his business. Jackass. Wish I could steal that freaking hat.

It is there and then that I realize my life's goal: I want to be... the very best... like no-one ever was. I will travel... across the land... searching far and wide... to find a freaking sweet hat.

So I go to the store to see if I can blow Rival's allowance money on some pokeballs. First thing I hear when I walk in the door. "Hey! You came from Pallet Town?" How the crap did he know that? It's not like I've got a different accent; I walked maybe six hundred feet! That's not exactly 'transcontinental' y'know!

So anyway I walk up to the counter to tell him I just want some pokeballs but he cuts me off. "You know Prof. Oak, right?" "Unfortunately." "His order came in. Will you take it to him?" "I just--" "Okay! Say hi to Prof. Oak for me!"

The jackhole of a store clerk won't sell me anything until I take this freaking package back. What's in it anyway? I try and get it open, but-- okay, I'll bite. Who glued it shut. I swear if this thing's not worth oodles of cash I'm going to hurt somebody severely.

As I leave I hear a guy cry "No! Potions are sold out!" Ha! I knew those things couldn't be legit!

I head back by way of the convenient ledges because I'm not really feeling like risking Smuckers' life just yet and manage to make it back home without even a scratch. Go me!

I head back home to say 'Hi' to Mom and she immediately frog-marches me upstairs and forces me to take a nap. That's "nice" of her. After dropping by to say hello to Sister, I head over to Oak's lab to get my oodles of cash. The dirty old man asks how Smuckers is and somehow, without looking in the ball, manages to learn that it likes me a lot and that I must be a good trainer. Unless this man has magic powers and I missed the memo I think he's been hitting the Potions a little too hard. I shove the package in his gut and he smiles. "Ah, it's the custom pokeball I ordered! Thank you!"

I clench my fists trying to suppress the murderous rage at the fact that there's no oodles of cash waiting for me and suddenly my teeth start grinding because Rival's annoying voice yells "GRAMPS!" He comes strutting up like he owns the place and asks "What'd you call me for?" as if Oak didn't tell him what he wanted him to do over the phone.


Actually, knowing the dirty old man, that's a likely possibility. I'll give you that one, Rival.

"Oh right! I have a request of you two." Seriously, Oak. You seriously called your grandson and then forgot why you called him after you hung up. And this is one of the foremost authorities on Pokemon!? Good lord we're all boned. "On the desk there is my invention, Pokedex!" Old man your "invention" is a blank encyclopedia! I can make one of those too! SO FAR I'M NOT IMPRESSED.

So he foists one off onto me and despite being this supposedly great researcher he can't be bothered to plug any info into the thing. He's either high, stupid, or both. Probably both.

Wait, he--
His dream is to catalogue all the pokemon in the world but he's too old to do it so he's going to live vicariously through a pair of ten-year-olds from a small backwoods town thrown out into the world with nothing more than a backpack and an animal to get into cockfights with?
THIS PLAN CAN IN NO WAY GO HORRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG AT ALL. Get one of your freaking aides to do it!

"Alright Gramps," Rival says. "Leave it all to me!" He turns to look me square in the eye. "I hate to say it but I don't need you! I know! I'll borrow a town map from my sis! I'll tell her not to lend you one! Hahaha!"

Rival don't make me break that stupid-looking beak you call a nose. Besides, you don't know what your sister and I get up to when you're out doing your senile grandfather's bidding! :twisted:

As Rival walks off, Oak looks at me. "Pokemon around the world are waiting for you!" Well that's great and all but I really don't care. I just want a cool hat. A nice one; maybe a tricorn. Look all piratey and stuff.

I walk past the window dressing and swipe another few books just to repay myself for the trouble of dealing with these two idiots and go see Sister. She likes me more than Rival so she'll give me a map. I just know it.

Oak told her he asked me to run an errand. No no no. Picking up his mail was an errand. What Oak just asked me to do is a lot more than just an errand!

I pocket the map she gives me and head back out. Now to head back to Viridian and start building up my team! :D

But first, naptime at home! Hopefully Mom made nachos~. Or, even better, Cinnabar Volcano Burger!
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