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Our First TP

Postby Espio » Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:27 pm

[Reposted from the mush]

In the interest of accommodating our small playerbase and because everyone's doing this already, our IC focus will soon be narrowing officially to Able City in the form of our first TP. This won't OOCly restrict RP and the rest of the world will continue to exist, however you may want a good reason for your character to be outside of the city or finding RP could be difficult.

The reason for this narrowing of focus is simple. In number of players, we're a small mush. We don't have half a dozen factions full of PCs with 7-person strong groups on every continent. Although many of us hold multiple alts, playerwise, trying to cover an entire world and keep it active spreads us too thin. Instead we'll start by just covering one city. This will bring everyone closer together, make it easier to interact, and the TP will give some added excuses.

I'm posting a rough outline of how this TP starts here for player input and coordination (posting how it ends would be telling ;) ).

Working Title: Our First TP (I'll leave creativity to the rest of you)

Premise: A maverick cell has been growing secretly in Able City. They're bigger, better armed, and better trained than the day-to-day that signs Hunter paychecks.

Who's Involved
Mavericks: Obviously someone is doing the attacking. Mavericks (the faction) are contributing to the problem in troops and material.

Criminals: Unaffiliated mavericks, rogue robots, and even human criminals looking to seize an opportunity have a place here. Expect the mavericks to only accept other robots though.

Maverick Hunters: Where there are Mavericks, there are Maverick Hunters. It's their job to fix what mavericks break.

Repliforce: Although officially intended for anti-RM warfare against Wily, the Able City branch won't turn a blind eye to trouble on its doorstep. Both the Hunters and RF answer to the UN and in cases like this will cooperate toward a common goal. Expect the chain of command to intermingle with Repliforcers "on loan" for Hunter operations.

Civilians/Independent: Things are going to get noisy in Able City. Getting pulled into the conflict can be as simple as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Antagonize war machines at your own peril but independent help is possible.

Who's Needed
Mavericks: Trouble makers and an organizer. Able City local mavs as well as imported ones either from the Mavericks or just visiting to stoke the flames are welcome and appreciated. In accordance with our policy, this is also a good opportunity to use NPCs to fill out the roster and provide some killable enemies.

Hunters: Someone with leadership skills. Between the existing Hunters and Repliforce (Hi Ferham!) there is a decent collection of field operatives but someone needs to keep the rest organized. This could be an existing Hunter or a new one. As with the Mavericks, NPCs are welcome here too.

Criminals/Ind/RF: Not necessary but appreciated. You guys add flavor.

While we are a loose mush, to run smoothly this TP will need a small core of reliable, active characters to move things along and provide hooks or responses to the greater mush's RP. The leader(s) on both sides fall into this category and one or more reliable combatants never hurts. In absence of player interest, staff will fill the leadership roles. This isn't a fachead role but someone needs to be comfortable giving orders and coordinating a strategy. No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy.

And let's be honest, we all know Ford is going to happen.
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