Fuggin' Dragons...

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Fuggin' Dragons...

Postby Ford Benett » Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:24 pm

Ford seems distressingly at home in the sewers under Able City, perhaps moreso due to his part-repltilian nature now. As Scanner enters and scans the area, a brief look down the sewer ways reveals a warm patch of green slinking quickly into a side-passage. No doubt the dragon on the run detecting Scanner's entry and hiding as quickly as possible.

No doubt that while the sewer was a bit spacious, it wouldn't be enough for him to fly through it. So with his wings closed tight behind him, Scanner now runs down the side of the sewer towards where the moving patch went, and heads into the side package. Still with his thermographic vision, Scanner hopes that he'll pick out the dragon soon enough.

Scanner's thermographic sight should let him pick up something standing down the length of the sewer passage, but he might not wanna stay at the entrance too long. A slight whistle should indicate something, or things, small and fast are flying his way. Whether they inbed in him or the walls around him, he will hopefully take note of what they are: sharpened scales.

The Bat is quick to notice the flying projectiles and promptly hops to the side out of the way, landing on both feet. Slowly, he approaches the passage soundlessly, and looks around the side to see where Ford is going.

Ford's thermal image will show him slinking his way down the passage and to the left.

And that's there the Bat goes; he shimmers back into existence for the brief time he runs down the passage, then fades away again before he looks down the left passage.

Ford either knows these tunnels very well, or is swerving down various passages to try and lose his pursuer. Looking down the tunnel, Ford appears to be totally out of sight... before he pokes his head briefly out of a tunnel further down the passage and crosses it into another, taking the chase on a sharp left.

Scanner twitches an ear, and begins to run back the way he came, back to the main sewer line. His intent is that once he makes it back in the line, he'll be right where Ford is going. He prepares to shoot the dragon's legs, should that be the case.

As Scanner returns to the main line, should he have his thermal sensors still online. he'll spy Ford. But not where he'd imagine. He's up top, clinging to the cieling and apparently waiting in abush for whoever seems to be following him.

Seeing this display, Scanner slowly approaches the dragon, soundlessly, the way he had done in the Hunter base ruins. He forms guns in both hands and aims them up at the dragon's legs. He could ventilate the dragon now, and may not count against them as Ford would no longer be considered human, but that's not in his best interest. He wants Ford /alive./ He'll have to do time for his theft, but he wants answers out of him. He knows by now that he got his dragon form from Neo Arcadia... but who in Neo Arcadia did this to him? And for what purpose? He keeps his aim steady, ready to attack in response to any sudden movements.

Ford's dragon form certainly seems to be a result of his visit to Neo Arcadia... but his instincts were decidedly his. It's been too quiet for too long for Ford. He had /somebody/ on his tail and they were too close for comfort. And to come down after him? They couldn't possibly give up the chase that easily. He had to deal with this threat. He couldn't risk being followed back.
Slowly tensing himself up, Ford leaps down to the ground, not as fast as he was fighting Edge, but decidedly fast enough. Maintaing that speed, he dashes for a nearby branch passage. "I know you're still down here!" he called out. "Look, we both have bigger things to be worried about! You need to be worried about the ACPD! And I have people being hunted who need protection! So just back off before I trash you too!"

When Ford starts to leap down to the ground, Scanner opens fire, directly at him and in the directions where Ford might go. Then he runs or flies toward the branch passage, however far that passage is, and continues to chase him down, silently...

Ford feels the sting of plasma zipping by him as he retreats further into the branch passage. His scaled skin provided him protection... but only so much. "Don't make me do something you'll regret!" Ford warns. Nearing the end of the moderately long passage, he raised his arms, flinging them down and hurling more sharpened scales down the passage. "Scale Shuriken!"

Watching Ford run down the passage, the Bat steps to the side as soon as he sees the dragon swing his arms -- and announce it -- and fires down the passage again as he runs toward the dragon's position.

"You do realize that down here, I have the advantage in more ways then one, right?" Ford called as he ducked behind the corner of the passage end, waiting for the bullets to pass before hurling more scales at the passage end. "Care to guess how many flammable gasses are currently in this tunnel alone? I'll wager that whatever you're using to hide yourself is handy, but won't protect from fire like my skin will!"

( Not if I blow you away first, ) the Bat mentally responds, while he continues to run down the passage -- this time, ducking under the thrown scales. For all the firepower he has, it won't matter if the Bat can outsmart him.

Ford hears the approach, growling. "Back off! This is the last time I'm going to--" Ford slinks against the side of the wall, before snarling as he hears the bat approach. Waiting until he's certain of it, Ford rounds the corner with his clawed hand formed into a palm strike, aimed for his best guess at his pursuer's position.

The footsteps stop before the end of the passageway, and he does a flying leap through the air, his guns turning back into forearms. In the process, he dodges the palm strike thrown at him, and lands upon his feet behind Ford. He then performs a soundless step to Ford's right, and lunges to grab Ford's dragon muzzle and hold it shut.

Ford growled as he felt the hands, or more accurately, clawed hands, grapple his mouth shut tight. (I warned you...) he thought, having his speech restrained at the present. Letting his hands and feet lash about, Ford aimed for Scanner's location, the grapple giving it away for the most part... he at least had to be within striking distance.

One of those flailing arms hits Scanner, who does not make a sound in response. Shortly after he is struck, he wrenches Ford's head around and tries to slam him into the nearest wall free of pipes. Regardless of his function, a surveillance unit, one thing is clear, and it's that he has the strength of a military Reploid.

Ford grunted in pain as he felt his cranium smashed into the stone wall, before going slightly limp. (I... I'm trying...) he thought, the thought of simply surrendering crossing his mind.
(FORD!) came that familiar voice from the back of his mind. (If you lose, people will be in terrible danger! You don't know what kind of force Neo Arcadia has for bringing them back! They need every ounce of strength they can get, and you have more than anyone I've even heard of before!) Ford fought to breath through his nostrils as his strength began to return, snarling as he fought to loosen the grip on his snout.

Seeing the smoke through the nostrils, Scanner leans back as far as he can, and brings his head down to smash into Ford's forehead with the crown of his head, his ears folded back. Again, it has a strange amount of power behind it, one not expected of his frame... not that Ford can see it.

Ford meets the wall head-on, literally, as Drake's voice continued in the back of his head. (Ford, you've beaten tougher than this! You've gotten strong in the last few months, and you can become stronger still! Please... I'm counting on you!) Ford panted as best as he could as his thoughts tried to return to him. Being smashed into a wall made it surprisingly hard to think. Ford started to get a feel for where the hand was on his head, guaging where it's owner was and slashing at it with what strength his claws could afford.

The claws make their mark, and chunks of metal are stripped from his hand, falling to the sewer ground. That's when Scanner slams his head towards Ford's again. He waits for Ford to recover before he finally speaks.
"I'm sorry it had to come to this, Ford. I know what Neo Arcadia has done, and I know, for a fact, that they must be stopped. But your behavior left me with no other choice. The only way I could get this close to you, face-to-face, was to chase you down and subdue you, with no one else around. If you wish for me to stop bashing in your head, and holding your mouth shut, I want you to trust me. Trust me when I say I am interested in bringing your tormentors to justice, to uncover what brought about your biometal transformation, and to help put an end to their terrible experiments. Only when you confirm that you trust me, will I free your muzzle from its confinement."

For a brief moment, Ford seems veritably stunned by all the smashing, and then the sudden explanation. Glaring down his snout at the hands he still can't see, but knows are there, he manages to open his trap just a bit. "Youf afk a yot... too mush..." Ford growled back through his muzzle. His own claws suddenly snap up and grasp about, finding the ones confining his mouth and slowly prying them off. "I'm... hardly... beaten... yet!"

"Ford Benett," the Bat says sternly, "I want to /help/ you. Please. I don't want to do this to you!" And then, suddenly, Scanner shimmers into existence, and Ford can see his bat face. "I know that you were planning to set the gasses in this sewer on fire. You don't have to do that! If you recognize that you don't have to, I'll let you go! I'm on your side! I don't like what the auto companies, the police, and Neo Arcadia did to you anymore than you do!"

"Are... are you crazy!?" Ford struggles out, grip still focused on getting the hands off his mouth. "Do you know how many people that would kill!? I never planned to ignite this place! I could survive it, but the result would hurt too many innocent people!" Ford growls as he gets a better grib, fangs gnashing as he continued. "I'm... not worried about the trouble in this city anymore! I've told you what you need to know! There's a threat bigger then that out there... even bigger than Neo Arcadia!"

"Does it have anything to do with that fire-breathing fox?" Scanner says, still holding on tightly.

"Let go of my mouth and I'll explain, dammit!" Ford snarled in reply.

And so, Scanner lets go, stepping back to arm's length. Least Ford /seems/ to be cooperating.

Ford growled as he stepped back, rubbing his muzzle and then his head, wincing a bit. "Okay... so you obviously know about... her. She's a problem, and a big one, and odds are, she won't be the only one out there like that." Ford winced again as he finally caught his breath. "Look, I don't know everything, I'm guessing as best as I can, but Neo Arcadia is dealing with tech that's treading into the realms of magic here."

"So I could tell from what she said," the Bat says. "I was watching over the junkyard at the time. She said you were merged with a 'falseroid,' and she was obviously not of this world. I didn't get to track her further, but she was merged with someone from the FARC. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of /Colombia./ Who, at the time she chased you, had been KIA two years ago in Venezuela! I didn't get to track the fox further, but this doesn't sound good."

"...KIA? That... that doesn't make any sense. A merge requires two sentient-- what?" Ford said, looking up and about as if somebody was talking to him. "...alright, fine, I suppose you'd be better to expain this..." Ford's head lowered and fell limp for a bit, before his eyes opened back up, looking at Scanner with a glowing green instead of the usual yellow. "Ah, a Hunter, right? I'm sorry, we're not typically met with authorities who talk first and shoot later. I am Drake, Ford's merge partner and... mentor, best as I can. In this form, it's difficult to influence anything he does. His willpower gives him control, so I just have to trust him to do the right thing..."

Scanner Bat remains resolute even in the face of such changes. "Greetings, Drake," he says. "I am Scanner Bat. I have been investigating Ford for a while. I came in with the knowledge he was a cyborg who stole auto parts. What I found was a man who, for the lack of a better phrase, had been fucked over by every auto company he worked for. Then I discovered he could turn into a dragon thanks to Neo Arcadia."
He holds his arms behind his back. "I have questions to ask of you. Who in Neo Arcadia created you, and for what reason?"
Meanwhile, in his mind, voiced neither physically nor mentally, he wishes he never let Edge do the talking.

'Ford' nodded back. "My creation was... accidental. Apparently, Ford was never supposed to be in Neo Arcadia, but thanks to his family, we happened to cross paths." The dragon folded it's arms as he continued. "I suppose to explain thinsg properly, I need to give a bit of context. Neo Arcadia is, for lack of a better term, on lockdown. Isolation to the point it's own citizens are barely aware of what's going on beyond the desert sands. Comfortable, but decidedly sedate... not to mention, reploids are not only percuted against, but fast becoming obsolete. You see, the Neo Arcadia standard is something called a humanoid; a cyborg, but down to a molecular level. I'm sure you've noticed it, but if you tried to scan Ford, he'd come back as being both human and a reploid at the same time."

"So, they're like North Korea with apartheid," Scanner says, "except their missiles don't fall apart mid-flight." Scanner sizes up the dragon. "I hadn't scanned Ford. I figured his ability to /turn into a dragon/ meant he wasn't your ordinary cyborg anymore."

"Not just you're ordinary cyborg. An ability like ours shouldn't even be possible in Neo Arcadia." 'Ford' replied, shifting his weight to one side. "There's only two scientists in Neo Arcadia who are brilliantly mad enough to persue a fusion like ours. One is my creator, Dr. Moses Bevl. A brilliant mind, obviously. After Ford offered a had to the Resistance and got himself frozen to death, Dr. Bevl was the one who brought him back, and made me."

'Ford' snarled as he looked to one side, shifting his gaze. "The other is... his rival. Dr. Vincenzo Solus. I believe you've already met and apprehended his new pet..."

Scanner listens intently, having recorded this information all this time... then raises his ears sharply at the last statement.
"A biometal werewolf. She said Ashe nicknamed her Kali. But she refused to believe she was that wolf, despite her appearing in the cell we put the wolf in the very next morning with no sign of breaking and entering."

The dragon tapped his chin, pondering that. "Interesting... so she pulled off a fusion without remote presence of her biometal... what has that madman been working on...?" Drake shook his head as he looked back at Scanner. "Regardless, she IS a humanoid. I can tell on my own. Not to mention the fact whenever I see her biometal--" Drake shook his head again. "Sorry, a cruel trick my creator included. Let's just say I'm glad Ford has control in our fused form for those encounters."
Drake looked at the ground, continuing. "Needless to say, since we're both technology that frankly shouldn't exist, it raises entirely too many questions about the mere existence of that fox woman. She uses an ability similar to mega-merging, but it's different from all standard processes. Where did she get it? How can it even succeed without two sentient beings? And the one that has us both most concerned... why is she after biometals like me and Sera's?"

"'Sera,'" Scanner repeats. "She had a form of amnesia. She couldn't remember her own name, so she gave me that nickname. It sounded to me like Sera wasn't aware of her own transformation, which makes me wonder what mental disorder Dr. Solus has."

"The man is not entirely sane, I'll say that much." Drake replied. "The fact Neo Arcadia has let his experiments continue should tell you plenty about the heads of state. It's a miracle Sera made it this far and is in as good a shape as she is; it's not uncommon to find the 'results' of his labors dying in the Neo Arcadian desert he drops them in, but to get this far without a biometal... perhaps her resilience is what draws Ford--"
The dragon's eye flash back to yellow for a bit, growling. "Shut it. She's a good kid, and she's got a chance at not having to deal with assholes like him anymore. That's all." A brief return to green signaled Drake was allowed back in control of the body. "Er-hrm... right... sorry..."
Drake folded his arms over his chest. "That's not to say our own fusion doesn't have flaws... we've found very unexpectedly that Ford's fusion is slowly becoming permanent. The more stress he endures in our merged form, the more dragon qualities he retains as a humanoid. Eventually, it'll reach a point when my merging with him will be unnecessary..."

Scanner shakes his head at the information. "Then it's a good thing that unlike my colleague, I talk first. The pursuit and fighting that lead me here was all I could do to get close enough and alone." He folds his ears. "If the biometal that Mariah Fox, the FARC soldier, was merged with is not of this world, God have mercy on our souls. The majority is condemned by the actions of the few."

Drake nodded solemnly. "You have no idea... that's what we need these for." He nodded to the sack of supplies draped around his neck. "I regret theivery like this, though I can't say the same for my partner. But Dr. Ciel's Resistance can only do so much. And she can't extend herself outside Neo Arcadia's bounds. But... we can."
The eyes return to their yellow hue. "I told you... I need these badly. I'm making a haven for people like me. Neo Arcadia doesn't like to lose it's 'property'... they have an entire military arm solely for bringing us back to their home." Ford's fists clenched tightly. "But I won't run. I can't anymore; more and more humanoids are escaping Neo Arcadia, and if things keep going the way they are, they'll have nowhere to go. But I will fix that. I /will/ get stronger, I /will/ fight back and I won't let Neo Arcadia or any aliens harm anyone who comes to our sanctuary for protection. I won't lose again... I can't afford to."

"By now, you would likely be in jail," Scanner says. "But I'm not one for blind conformity. I /know/ what happened to you, Ford. I know the reason you're stealing. And I understand you completely. Even before that, I jailed a prostitute who claimed you raped her. I knew, as a matter of fact, that you were incapable of such a deed. One can look beyond the tattered veil and see the broken man beneath it."

Ford folded his arms over his chest. "You give me too much credit and insult me all at once. I'm hardly broken. Having trouble getting back up and the inability to do so are two totally different things." he replied, head looking off to his side. "...right as you are. I wouldn't rape anyone; consent is something of a prize, so I go after it where I can--"
Ford's eyes suddenly snapped back to green again. "Wait... did you say she tried to pin us for raping her?" he asked. "That... I'm confused. She seemed... Ford, it's possible you're paranoia may have hit dead-on in her case. Why would she do that...?"

"Yes, Lilac," says Scanner. "She'd cut herself with one of your tools, and then, when I arrived, she claimed Ford raped her. I was able to see right through it and have her arrested."

'Ford' shook his head. "But why... last we saw of it, it was sappy, but it seemed sincere... maybe..." The dragon's eyes fade back to yellow. "I presume she's been... questioned? Or appropriately dealt with, however you guys go about it?" Ford asked, shaking his head. "I'm wondering if it's even worth it. I have so many people after my mantle these days, what's one more hooker homing beacon on my li--"
Ford stopped, thinking that through a moment. "Wait... wait a minute. That night... that night, I got attacked /twice/! Once by a bounty hunter... uh, card slinger, calls himself... A..Arachnid? I don't remember... but than I got attacked by that fox... thing!" Ford's face betrayed the wheels turning in his head. "...I wonder... I wonder if those two might be... linked, somehow... it's almost too obvious..."

"She was thrown in jail for, among other things, escaping from her owners, prostitution, attempting to frame someone else for rape, bribing an officer, and threatening to blow herself up. She's been returned to her owners."
As for Ford's outburst? "Spider? I don't see how he could be involved with aliens. He's just a bounty hunter, and that's just a coincidence." It pays to check on the bounty hunting side of things every so often. "On top of this, a sniper, likely another Reploid, was trying to kill you. I doubt he had anything to do with aliens either."

Ford glared back at Scanner. "So you think if I'd left Lilac back in that hotel room, I would've still been attacked?" Ford retorted. "I smell a rat. There was a sniper after me too, you said... that's three people in one night all after me." His eyes faded to green. "I'm inclined to side with Ford on this one, though perhaps not to that much an extreme. Who was it, Ian Fleming...? 'Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is an enemy action.'"
The eyes return to yellow. "In any case, when time opens up, I need to settle a score with him too... if nothing else, it'll at least be a clue. A possible lead..." Ford looked to the side. "But that'll have to wait a bit... I need to set up things with our haven first... and find any humanoids willing to come to it. I won't force them, but it will be a last line of protection, if they need it. We need somewhere to operate out of..."

"Lilac may have had a connection to the sniper, but nothing to do with Spider or the aliens. Not everything is connected."
Scanner looks over Ford as he talks about the haven. "Try to find an abandoned base, if you can." He'd found one, but there were Mavericks there. Which reminds him that he needs to go there with a larger group at some point, ready and able to take on whatever the Mavericks there can throw at them.

Ford grunted a bit as Scannner brushed off his theory. He made not response, but he did make a mental note to interrogate Spider later. Whether the Hunter believed him or not, he was /sure/ he had some lead on what was going on. Typical of a law keeper to brush off something like that...
"We have a place. We think we can make work of some ruins De-- an associate of mine found. But I'm not telling you where... sorry, I know you've done more listening than any law keeper in the past has, but I only have so much trust... but we're safe. Or will be, once we've cleared it out."

Scanner raises an eyebrow at Ford. "Do you believe I'm going to walk into your base and arrest everyone there? Remember, I am not Neo Arcadia. I am not from an isolationist police state. I am interested in the safety of those trying to fight it."

"You, I'm not so sure. You're buddies in the Hunters and any other group? Yes. As soon as physically possible... which is damned fast, in some cases like your friend back there." Ford replied, huffing a bit. "He didn't even bat an eye when I mentioned the chief of police is leading that whole conspiracy, and he seemed about ready to kill me before putting me in cuffs. Sorry, but you have men in command who I'm sure would like to know where we're hiding, and I have little doubt they'd pick your memory to get an answer. Just because this isn't Neo Arcadia doesn't mean irrational measures aren't carried out."
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