Food Fight?

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Food Fight?

Postby QuantumHyena » Sat Dec 14, 2013 2:02 pm

Desc for reference
Phakchi "Paxy" Farang is a tall young woman who might not be entirely safe to stand near. She looks kind enough, perhaps somewhere in her late 20s with brown skin and a pleasant, lightly smiling face. Her hair and eyes are both a dark purple, with her hair left in loosely trimmed locks that fall haphazardly down all sides of her head. A red headband secures most of the strands out of her face, leaving long bangs that reach down either side to her jaw and a few locks hanging between her eyes. Three wooden handles and the base of what are clearly knives are tucked under the band by one ear, apparently for safekeeping.

Reaching up almost to the bottom of her hair, her torso is covered by a snug light green robe that's edged with golden trim. The robe is folded left-over-right, with short, v-tapered sleeves and a white emblem against a black circle above her left breast - 'claw' to those able to read Chinese. At her waist, the robe is replaced by loose black pants and a white apron that covers her front and back. A large bow on the left secures the apron in place and her feet are covered by black, slightly pointed slippers with white soles. Hanging over the back of the apron is a large leather holster for an equally large metal cleaver.

The cleaver means I'm happy to see you! ... hakchi.jpg

My food stall
A simple stall with an ornate wood-panel sign announcing it as 'Phak Chi'. The stall is small with no lights to illuminate the sign at night, but any potential customers need only look at the warm light coming from the bar - or smell the sharp odor of hot spices and salty meats that dominate whichever side of the street is downwind at the time - to know that food is served at long hours. Plain metal stools with cloth tops have been set out for seats, with warm towels offered in cold weather to make them more comfortable.

Behind the bar, a row of iceboxes, stoves, and deep fryers are on display, allowing customers to watch their food cook in front of them, as well as allowing immediate access for the chef on staff to move hot food straight from pan to plate. Beside the iceboxes, a canvas-covered doorway leads to the back, and overhead is a rambling menu of food options lists out entrees and sides with their ingredients; most are typical Asian staples, but several American favorites - including cheese grits and pretzel dogs - are also present. Prices vary from extremely cheap rice and cornmeal dishes to more involved entrees at a medium price. For seafood dishes, the prices are marked as a plus figure and a separate table lists the day's market prices that they're added to.

Scene Stuff
The weekend in Able City has started with freezing weather but clear skies. The humans on the streets have bundled up accordingly, while the megacity's many robots continue their business without notice. Hot street foods are popular these days and a certain recent food stall has planned accordingly. Taking advantage of a lull in customers, Phakchi is stirring a large pot of soup that will no doubt server the lunch rush. Kept warm by her stove, she's dressed in the same green robes as usual, with high sleeves exposing the natural color of her skin. At the moment she seems pretty happy, humming a little tune under her breath.
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Re: Food Fight?

Postby Ford Benett » Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:28 pm

Passing by the stall, one human seems to stand out from the crowd... even moreso than his big headset for ears would suggest. As the city grows colder, most folks are bundled up, but this guy seems almost dressed for warmer weather; at the very least, for an autumn day. But even more perplexing, even though he's not dressed in winter wrap-ups, he's steaming! Mist seeps from most of his upper body as he walks along, drawing some attention from the passersby, but not enough to warrant a call to the authorities.

Ford stops at the stall as he looks up at it, apparently somewhat drawn by the warmth from inside, but not enough to lure him in to buy something. What does draw his eye, however, is the woman stirring a pot full of something... with knives in her hair. Why were the women he ran into this degree of odd?
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Re: Food Fight?

Postby QuantumHyena » Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:59 pm

Phakchi continues to cook with her back to the street. For the moment at least, she hasn't noticed the steamy young man watching her.
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